Emerging Technologies Sweden is an Exo (Exponential Organization) founded by Veronica Chiaravalli and working with emerging and exponential technologies (accelerating technologies) through innovative projects to solve worldwide challenges and problems, in other words, it deals with the gaps created by these powerful technologies and their global impact. These challenges are hard to solve, have a huge impact on the society and keep dragging on through the years causing people a lot of pain and the governments and organizations a lot of money (billions of dollars). This requires an innovative approach, a great vision, a passion for emerging and exponential technologies, and a human-centered design.

Emerging Technologies Sweden specializes in solving the gender and knowledge gap in the Technology, Cloud Architecture, and Space sectors. It also specializes in global problems and challenges in the Emerging Space sector: Space Exploration, Mars Exploration, Pioneering innovation, etc.

Our competitive advantage is that we cut through the blurriness like no one! We find the errors/problems while others are still trying to figure out where they are. these are errors/problems that take years to find. We come with a little tougher edge, a sharp visionary and innovative approach, an exponential way of thinking, a result-oriented and successful mindset, a moonshot mentality, and a futuristic view. We love people and technology! The sky is not the limit! For more information about our competitive advantage read under “Why Should You Choose Us and Our Services”.

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Emerging Technologies Sweden is a blend of the American and the Swedish mindset, one foot in Silicon Valley and one in Stockholm. When we mention Silicon Valley, we mean that we are inspired by their University courses and the spirit of the present and past leaders. Leadership is essential.

We work remotely from Stockholm and use the latest technology in our everyday life. Some of the tools we use are: Asana, Trello, Skype, and Weekdone. We have weekely meetings in the city or in Västerhaninge and the rest of the time we work from home or where we feel is comfortable. This is possible thanks to great tools, good communications, structure, high-performance methods, and passion.




Space, Research, and Innovation
  • Space Entrepreneurship Training
  • Global Impact Challenges
  • Space Challenges
  • Space Technologies, Research, and Innovation
  • Emerging and Exponential Technologies
  • Next-Gen IT Innovation Projects
  • AI & Machine Learning
Training and Speaking
  • Innovation Masterclass
  • Executive and Corporate Training
  • The Success Principles of Jack Canfield
  • Exponential Organizations (ExO)
  • Professional Public Speaking
  • Emerging Trends
  • Next-Gen IT Training
  • Innovative Robotics Workshops
  • Advisory Services
Strategic Foresight & Design Innovation
  • Enterprise UI/UX Design
  • Emerging Tech UI/UX Design
  • UX Research
  • Human-Computer Interaction Design
  • VUI Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Design Thinking
  • Futures Thinking



“Few people are fortunate enough to have the chance to work with a Success coach as outstanding as Veronica Chiaravalli . I met Veronica at the Jack Canfield bootcamp, she later became my Success coach and I had the pleasure of working with her for more than a year. I was constantly impressed by her exceptional ability and I’ve never seen anyone with such love and passion in her job as effortlessly as Veronica. Not to mention, her bright and jovial personality always improved the mood for me to absorb whatever she taught me, especially THE 25 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS BY JACK CANFIELD. I would highly recommend Veronica for any position she chooses to pursue “

by Foster Boateng, Computer Support Technician (Ghana, West Africa)

“Jag är mycket nöjd med det jobb du har gjort för att skapa min nya hemsida,
Riktigt proffsig och har hjälpt mig att få många nya kunder.
Tack så mycket!


“I am very satisfied with the job you have done to create my new website. Truly professional and has helped me to get many new customers. Thank you very much! Best regards, Arun.”

by Arun Wiberg, owner of Classic Thai Massage (Stockholm, Sweden)