Emerging Technologies Sweden works with emerging and exponential technologies (accelerating technologies). It sovles worldwide challenges working with innovation projects. These challenges are hard to solve, have a huge impact on the society, and keep dragging on through the years causing people a lot of pain, and the government and organizations a lot of money (billions of dollars). This requires not only an innovative approach but also a human-centered design. Our competitive advantage is that we cut through the blurriness like no one! We find the errors/problems while others are still trying to figure out where they are. These are errors/problems that take years to find. We come with a little tougher edge, an exponential way of thinking, a successful mindset, a moonshot mentality, and a futuristic view. We love people and technology! Below we list the services that offer besides the ones that we already mentioned.


Virtual and Augmented Reality Human-Computer Interaction Design Emerging Technologies UX/UI Design Enterprise UI/UX Human-Centered Design Design Thinking VUI and Conversational AI (chatbots) Design Web Design and more coming soon...

Areas of Expertise

Emerging and Exponential Technologies Exponential Organizations (ExOs) Space Innovation, Research, and Project Management Innovation Management Space Challenges Global Impact & Global Impact Challenges Corporate Training: "Jack Canfield - The Success Principles"


Space entrepreneurship Training Program New Educational Technologies Online Tailor-made & Innovative Robotics Courses

Emerging Technologies UI/UX Design Consulting Services


90 USD/hour (736 kr/hour) incl. 25% tax
Includes work with:
    • Emerging Technologies
    • UX/UI/HCI Researchers
    • Technology Startups
    • The Creation of Personas
    • UX-Design and strategic decisions
    • UX Research, interviews, and surveys
    • Sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes
    • Surveys in Swedish, English, and Spanish
    • The latest tools: Axure RP, InVision, etc.
    • Adobe Creative Cloud programs and apps
    • The Creation of Designs in Photoshop or Illustrator
    • Making designs for both web and mobile platforms
    • Thinking through problems & issues
    • Animation Design
    • All latest trends and approaches


130 USD/hour (1.063 kr/hour) incl. 25% tax
Includes work with:
      • Emerging Technologies
      • UX/UI/HCI Researchers
      • Technology Startups
      • The Creation of Personas
      • UX-Design and strategic decisions
      • UX Research, interviews, and surveys
      • Sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes
      • Surveys in Swedish, English, and Spanish
      • The latest tools: Axure RP, InVision, etc.
      • Adobe Creative Cloud programs and apps
      • The Creation of Designs in Photoshop or Illustrator
      • Making designs for both web and mobile platforms
      • Creating designs for smart watches
      • Thinking through problems & issues
      • Animation Design
      • All latest trends and approaches


150 USD/hour (1.215 kr/hour) incl. 25% tax
Includes work with:
        • Emerging Technologies
        • UX/UI/HCI Researchers
        • Technology Startups
        • The Creation of Personas
        • UX-Design and strategic decisions
        • UX Research, interviews, and surveys
        • Sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes
        • Surveys in Swedish, English, and Spanish
        • The latest tools: Axure RP, InVision, etc.
        • Adobe Creative Cloud programs and apps
        • The Creation of Designs in Photoshop or Illustrator
        • Making designs for both web and mobile platforms
        • Creating designs for smart watches
        • Thinking through problems & issues
        • Animation Design
        • WordPress CMS, HTML5, CSS3, jQUERY
        • Project Management tools
        • All latest trends and approaches

Web Design (WordPress CMS)


The payments are made when you book the service in advance

All the packages include analysis of the present website, WordPress CMS, responsive web design, prototype, customized design, photo editing, and business advice.

Delivery Dates: Small: 5-8 days and Medium: 8-14 days.


238 USD/project (4990 kr/project) incl. 25% tax

Example: Classic Thai Massage


382 USD/project (7990 kr/project) incl. 25% tax

Medium company sites with more pages and features like event's calendar.
Example: Lilla Wien


Update of Existing Business Website

114 USD/hour (925 kr/hour) incl. 25% tax

Enterprise VR/AR/MR


The price depends on the project


Innovation Project Management - Emerging Technologies & Space Technologies


The price depends on the project

We work with Executives, Aerospace Engineers, etc. and help accelerate innovation

The focus is on humanity, technologies that improve life, and space travel


The Veronica Chiaravalli Space Entrepreneurship Training Program

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Start-ups

Veronica's Accelerator Program


Currently working on pioneering Space Projects



  • Space
  • Exponential Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Immersive Technologies: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality
  • Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Cognitive Technologies: AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics
  • Deep Learning
Innovative Workshops



We introduced our Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in the form of a free Introductory Robotics Workshop for Women Executives, exactly one month after the creation of the company and later on improved MVP on the 31/10/2015.



Space Robotics Workshop Series for Executives

  • Space Robotics
  • Social Robotics
About Us

The Story


This company has a story behind it and it is the one belonging to Veronica Chiaravalli who struggled for years trying to get into the job market without success. She became an entrepreneur on the way, found her passion (solving the gaps and working with emerging and exponential technologies), created her company, worked with pioneering space projects for the Exploration and Colonization of Mars, started her startup MSEI, found the success coach Jack Canfield on the way (who literally turned her life around), learned the success principles, made it her top priority to not only solve this challenge (the gender gap), but also other challenges regarding Space, and in April 2018 submitted her innovation plan to finally get rid of the gender gap for good. The approach is therefore based on real-life experience. Her courage goes far beyond the mountain.

There is also something very important to clarify: she has a raw talent for pioneering innovation and emerging and exponential technologies. In other words, it is a case of raw talent and no degree.

The take away is the following: you never know who has the answer/s, it can be a woman or a man. We live in a digital world where problems are solved with apps and platform,s but we must be prepared to solve the existing and upcoming challenges without being connected. The importance of having a degree has come to a point where people are blinded and miss the talent, the path, the solution, and so on. This results in people being lost in the system, who have heard the word no a billion times and who, for one reason or another, have gone unnoticed.

We wanted to tell the story in order to explain the value Emerging Technologies Sweden offers, its experience, and approach.


Our Vision


This is our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose).

  • Solve the problems and challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Innovate with emerging technologies and methodologies applying a visionary, futurist, pioneering, and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Create a culture of innovation and empowerment
  • Inspire and educate the future Robotics Engineers, Astronauts, Aerospace Engineers, and Technologists
  • Offer services and products with a strong User Experience, Human-Robot Interaction, and Human-Computer Interaction Design

Our Core Values

  • Passion
  • Innovation & Pioneering
  • Empowerment
  • Agility
  • Integrity

Global Challenges


We focus on the challenges with space technologies and innovation. Other challenges that we are targeting are the gender gap (gender equality) and the knowledge gap, building a very large community of change makers and ambitious people, and designing an Innovation Hub with an artistic design and a new mindset for the future (confidential for the time being).


Our Business Culture

  • MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)
  • Gender equality
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility and remote working
  • Success and result-oriented
  • No evil
  • Open mindedness
  • Use of OKR structures (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Experimentation and constant risk taking

Key Elements

  • Visionary and Exponential Thinking
  • Visionary and Exponential Leadership
  • Exponential growth
  • Diversity
  • Integration
  • Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Social networking

Leadership and Management


The Founder, CEO,  and CRO (Chief Robotics Officer) is Veronica Chiaravalli, a visionary business leader, space entrepreneur, exponential and visionary entrepreneur, talented self-made researcher, VUI Designer, creative technologist, and futurist. She has a very strong artistic inclination, a passion for technology, and grew up with robots while living in the US. Her passion for Space has its roots in the books by Isaac Asimov (see The Foundation Series) and Carl Sagan that she read and her visits to Kennedy Space Center.



Our brand and logo was created on Sunday the 16th of August 2015.


The logo shows the greek horse-god Pegasus (a white winged horse) that represents among other things power, speed, and innovation, surrounded by a ring that contains the company's name. A white horse represents rebirth, light, etc. You can read more about Pegasus here: Wikipedia


The Pegasus in our logo also represents the Constellation of Pegasus


The brand represents an executive that is fearless, daring, passionate about technology, and full of energy. After work he/she wears a pilot jacket, cool black sunglasses, and feels at home flying a drone, working with robots, or hacking some code in front of the computer.


From 2016 we will be creating cutting-edge products.


Emerging Technologies Sweden is an exponential organization (ExO) based in Stockholm. Exponential Organizations have small teams and impact billions of people with their services and products.




Emerging Technologies Sweden is a blend of the American and Swedish mindset, one foot in Silicon Valley and one in Stockholm. When we mention Silicon Valley, we mean that we are inspired by their university courses and the spirit of the present and past leaders. Leadership is essential.


How we work


We work remotely from Stockholm and use the latest technology in our everyday life. Some of the tools we use are: Asana, Trello, Skype, and Weekdone. We have weekly meetings in the city and the rest of the time we work from home or where we feel is comfortable. This is possible thanks to great tools, good communication, structure, goals, and passion.


Who We Work With


We work with staff on demand like experts, universities, research centers, government agencies, space centers, and other organizations to promote innovation, knowledge, and social impact for a good cause.




Emerging Technologies Sweden targets multinational markets with a focus on: Europe, United States, and The Nordic Countries.



  • Space
  • New Space
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • ICT
  • Education
  • Defense
  • Others


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Technologists
  • SMEs (Small/Medium Size Enterprises)
  • Large Enterprises
  • Government agencies

Let's Talk



  • Exponential Innovator
  • Founder, CEO, and CRO (Chief Robotics Officer)
  • Visionary Exponential Entrepreneur
  • Space Entrepreneur
  • International Trainer, Coach, and Speaker
  • Space & Emerging Tech Pioneer
  • Voice User Interface (VUI) & Conversational AI Designer
  • Executive Emerging Technologies UX/UI Designer
  • Remote VR/AR/MR Designer

Innovation Advisor

We have two Innovation Advisors from an Organization we are members of


Business, Legal, and Career Advisor

We have a number of key Advisors from another Organization we are members of


Global Business Advisor

Coming soon.


Space Business Advisor

Coming soon.


Public Relations Advisor

Coming soon.


Economy and Related Areas Advisor

Coming soon.



We are open to receiving innovative projects and consultants as follows:

  • Researchers in the areas of Social Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, HRI, and HCI
  • Aerospace and Space Engineers
  • Engineers in AI Robotics
  • VR/AR Developers

Our Innovative Approach

  • Space Technology, Problems, and Challenges
  • Space Entrepreneurship
  • Next Generation of Robotics
  • Educational Technology
  • Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality

MSEI - Multiplanetary Space Exploration & Innovation Startup


Founder, Visionary Leader, Innovator, and Owner of MSEI. MSEI targets the realistic needs of the market and latest approaches as to space technologies and innovation.


Website: MSEI


AGH Terraforming Space Project


Veronica Chiaravalli (MSEI) worked with the AGH Terraforming space project in connection with the upcoming exploration and colonization of Mars. Worked with challenges, project management, web design, international business, space entrepreneurship, pioneering space technology, and innovation. (Feb-Oct 2017).


CSFI Volunteer Project 2017


Redesign of the CSFI website and design of other websites


Website: CSFI


CNPITS Volunteer Project 2017


Web Design and Development of websites for CNIPTS and its customers


Pioneering Projects


There are pioneering projects in progress


Innovation and Pioneering Hub!






The Veronica Chiaravalli Pioneering Dept. of Emerging Technologies, Space Business, and Space Entrepreneurship




The Veronica Chiaravalli Pioneering Virtual & Augmented Reality Academy in Emerging Technologies



The Veronica Chiaravalli Dynamic Exponential Fast Forward Space Accelerator Program




Research and Development




The Veronica Chiaravalli Virtual Department of Pioneering Research



Emerging Technologies Sweden is looking for strategic business partners in the Space Industry




MAY 2018


The Marketing Plan was submitted and updated on the 14th May 2018.

Our website was updated on the 12th of May 2018.

The prior steps to the implementation of the Training Programs are taking place.

The Space Business development is also taking place.

The business plan was submitted and we are waiting for further news. This is the final stage.

Our website was updated on the 7th of May 2018.

We reached out to companies to see the possibility of creating business partnerships and key collaborations for best results.

The project plan that goes with the innovation plan has been submitted.


APRIL 2018

We are going through space projects and looking for consultants to form a team.

Veronica submitted her innovation plan to solve the gender gap.


MARCH 2018

March will be another busy month with seminars and training courses for us.




February has been a very busy month for us.

We are being approached by international companies that are interested in working together with us in the area of Innovation.

We have an Instagram page

We have ongoing meetings with a global cutting-edge company to discuss a business partnership to take place end of March 2018. Our missions meet!

On the 14th of February 2018 we became a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).




We finished the website design project for the company Classic Thai Massage and have another B2B project in January 2018 for a restaurant.



We are in conversations with an organization outside Sweden to create a partnership where we will be working with VR/AR/MR.

Veronica is also finishing her education in Immersive Technologies soon so it is the right time.




We raised the tempo. We are stepping it up.


*The VR, AR, and MR services will be offered after we get a new laptop.


We've been approached to discuss a potential business partnership but it is soon to publish anything about it yet.




You can now check our blog where we have collected important links to articles and videos about Space, Spaceflight, Women in Space, ect. This is a start. There will be more content asap. This is the link to the blog (which also appears in the footer):



We provide Emerging Technologies UI/UX Design (remote work). You are welcome to contact us for a quotation. Thank you.


We are looking for a growth marketeer that has experience with technology startups that would like to volunteer to help us promote our services. This is a remote position.


International Zero Robotics competition


We are very happy to announce that Emerging Technologies Sweden will represent Sweden in the International robotics competition (High School Level , ages 14 - 18, Mixed Groups of different levels and ages)



Click on the icon below to go to the blog:




Emerging Technologies Sweden is a member of:














How do I order?

You send us a message via our contact form on this page and specify which service it has to do with. For example if it is the small company website, you specify that and send us your contact details and questions. Then we book a phone call, skype meeting, or meeting via hangouts, we make a requirement specifications document where we write down what will be included in the website and your wishes regarding the design. Then you place the order and pay for the services. You get an invoice specifying everything and we are in contact during the design process for feedback. You can also reach us at: +46-72 8777509. The requirement specification document is sent to you in the beginning and the prototype follows soon after that. Then we build the site and design. In maximum 8 days you get the website for you.

What do I need to have prior to the website design?

You need to have a domain and hosting company where your domain is. If you need advice and guidance, we can help you out.

When is the material sent for the website?

The material (texts, images, logo, etc) has to be given to us at the beginning of the work. We also add images but if you want more then you have to buy them separately and we advise you where you can do it.