We finally found some automation systems and we put one in place yesterday and today in the afternoon we will add another. We also have a third one to look into but we think that the 2 that we have should cover our needs.

We have 2 ads up and running on but we will also publish on other sites since we have not yet found the one that fits our needs.

Now what is left is the rest of the workshops: adding more info, prices, and putting up the ads.

We are very picky when it comes to systems!

These are the faulty systems where people get lost and cannot get to the destination. It is quite a frustrating experience that many entrepreneurs go through. It gets worst in the case of solopreneurs that have less resources.

Thank God the nightmare is now over! It makes us happy to see that finally, we will be able to dedicate more time to our customers and be able to have a work-life balance.

14.57 hrs. We are ready with the installation. So now there will be a 360- degree turn! We’ll be moving very fast!

16:48: We have an onboarding call in a few minutes in order to set things up. This means that the customers will navigate better on our website and be able to book our services smoothly. So we calculate that things are ready in around 1-2 hours. The call went well.

19.51: We got a technical thing to add so in the meantime we will go through the video training because this is super important and we do not want to waste any time. Plus we will be doing the sales in a faster and smoother way and this is necessary.

We noticed more traffic. It doubled. Still, there is something that seems to be missing. We’ll keep on investigating. In short, we will not go back to old systems and ways of doing marketing and sales. We moved forward.

The other ads will be opened during the night. Reach out to us if you have any questions. You can also use LinkedIn or Facebook. Have a super fantastic weekend!

Not everything is moving as fast as we want it to but we keep moving very fast.