Greetings friends,

I set the goal of becoming a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer within 4 months and I have taken big steps to guarantee that it will happen!

September is a very busy month and I am stepping it up. My mentors are reaching out to me. When I look back in time, I understand that it was a calling. No matter how many steps I took, nor how many solutions I looked for, it always brought me back to this challenge. And it all makes sense now.

Regarding the Professional Speaking Services, I also set the goal of finishing the training within 4 months.

And there is another program by T. Harv Eker which I will also be ready with.

When I said that I would move every rock on the mountain, I meant it.

There will be an exponential jump, a really big one.

Some key things that were missing throughout my journey are coming into my life as a result of some big decisions I made. Remember: It all starts with you!

It is a sunny day in Stockholm, today I am focusing on AI and Machine Learning. I have also started training again every day. It is time to lose some weight that I gained sitting in front of the computer for long hours. I have fought everything now and there is nothing left on the to-do list. It all has made me stronger.

There will be changes but they are all meant to improve everything.

This is a new Era and I pointed this out a long time ago at an important event in Stockholm. Everything is changing all around us.

I confess I have not been to any meetup or event since a very very very long time. This has to change since I am serial networker (hundreds of meetup groups) and used to go to many meetups and events every week. Of course, I have priorities to take care of but I need to make this work-life balance happen! It is in the works.

I was curious about Blockchain, but it was AI I fell in love with.