Coaches have coaches. That is what we learned.

Today we have a meeting with a coach of coaches at 3 pm. We got an introductory webinar and a preparation webinar before the meeting.

We started posting information about the Coaching we will be offering on our Training page. It offers 3 packages.
There will be one-on-one sessions and also group sessions.

We can summarize our schedule from today:

  1. Have the meeting with the Coach we found on the Forbes website yesterday.
    Result: The meeting went well and we got some advice which we followed and even an ebook. We improved our front page and now it is clearer who our clients are. We will need to do more market research.
  2. Finish publishing the information on the coaching packages today!.
    Result: The images and content are there.
    Now we’ll have to decide on the prices and add more information.
  3. We are trying out some systems from Josh Turner (author of the new book Connect) and his team and learning how to use them. One of his products is LinkedSelling that leverages LinkedIn for startups and side projects
    Tomorrow we have a meeting in the afternoon with one of their Strategists.
  4. Publish other courses via another platform.
  5. Improve marketing, increase sales, and get more clients.
  6. Take all the necessary steps to move quickly towards the training program with Harv T. Eker.
  7. Plan ahead for the Certification training with Jack Canfield.

This means that we will change the way we do marketing, sales, and package our courses to start with.

And some research will also be done.

We chose Harv T. Eker because of his journey and all the experience that he has. We love his energy, straightforward approach, simple explanations, and the happiness that he transmits. Yes, it is all in the mindset! We’ve learned that.