We are happy to share that this Saturday 16th of June we have our first customer (from the United States) regarding our coaching programs. Today we will be, therefore, preparing the material.

We await the confirmation of the upcoming meeting with our own Business Coach to get professional advice on the best and fastest way to market our services and how we can prepare everything so people can make the bookings smoothly. The launch will be online first and later on, we will book a meeting room.

The first certifications we will upload will be regarding the different Design areas that we are specializing in. After that, we will upload the ones regarding VR, AR, etc.

We want to specify that we will be building the company and working on the side. This means that we continue with our goals, the global challenges, and the continuous professional development.


We learned from the Success Principles of Jack Canfield that we have to make room for success and for that we need to fix all the messes and incompletes like he calls it. This will mean in our case, that we have to speed up procedures to get all the final pieces in place both in the personal and professional areas. We believe that success is not always measured with money, but with knowing the purpose in life, working on the areas that need to be improved or changed, and changing habits. It takes 30 days to change a habit and it means that we need to stick to the commitments without exception. Other key ingredients are: having the right mindset, a good plan in place, and an extremely good daily schedule that aligns with the new lifestyle. It’s also about learning by doing.

It’s now when we embrace not only the changes but the emerging and exponential technologies. The ExO methodology has been in place right from the beginning. Tenacity has always been a part. It’s the tenacity of an entrepreneur tackling problems, in this case, global challenges. Our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) “Solving the Problems and Challenges of Today and Tomorrow” is about solving the gaps that the emerging and exponential technologies create. It’s about global challenges and social impact. The approach is a visionary, entrepreneurial, and pioneering one. Innovation and problem-solving skills are the core pillars of our business. But most important of all, it’s the vision!

We are the visionaries, the ones that make dreams happen! We come into the picture to right a wrong. We take humanity by the hand and lead the way.

Our journey has started, the challenges will become bigger, the tempo will become faster!

Who are we? It will be revealed eventually. We can reveal a small part today: We have the moonshot mentality of Google, the tenacity of SpaceX, and more. We are here to do great things!

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