It is a beautiful sunny day in Stockholm and we’re writing our 2 last articles for the day for the IIEC Expert in Emerging Tech. and IIEC Expert in Exponential Tech. certifications.

We just sent in our assignment for the IIEC Expert in Immersive Tech. Certification and are waiting for the final grade.

It has been a very productive day and we are soon taking our coffee break in our balcony under the sun. =) That is far as we go except when we are out with Raisa.

What’s next? We’re diving into XR now and the final preparation for the exam to get our credentials and start receiving projects! When it comes to 3D Art and XR, we won’t be needing any help with sales.

This means it’s time to get hold of a good VR-ready laptop because the days are counted now. =) It also means that we need to get everybody solved before we get the laptop. First things first.

Everything is important and we are moving super fast! It’s time for an exponential jump now.

We wish everybody a very exciting and wonderful weekend. Take care.

10:11 pm: We are taking a short break before we continue writing our last assignment for the “Certified Expert in Emerging Technologies” certification. We will send it tonight, so we can focus on other important things.
Saturday, at 8.46 am: I finished. =)