It is important to clarify that even though this company was inspired by the ExO methodology, we have innovated it further since we target not only Exponential Technologies but Emerging Technologies as well.

You will see a lot of movement on our website while we grow and start building strong international relationships with companies and organizations that have the same goal of solving GGCs (Global Grand Challenges).

We differentiate ourselves from the other ExOs because we do not depend on investors and we do pretty much everything the hard way. We know that our purpose is very important and it affects not only women but men and children as well.

Emerging Technologies Sweden is about pioneering innovation and there is a great part that is confidential. Nevertheless, we will be sharing some of our findings on what has to do with the gender gap. Our other area of expertise is Space and that part is secret at this stage.

We are open to working with other companies around the world but our condition is that there should be respect. We are interested in knowing our common areas and how we can help each other as business partners. We are not interested in knowing the list of why you think we do not fit in, etc. Our time is important as well as yours. We are very open-minded people and we believe in men and women working together and creating amazing products and services.

It is not about who we are today, but who we are about to become.
Everything is learnable and as IoE (Internet of Everything) grows we will learn even more and be able to work at a higher level”, says Veronica Chiaravalli,our Founder, CEO, and CRO (Chief of Robotics Officer)


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