To be totally honest with you, we are really looking forward to the next US Presidency and we truly believe that Joe Biden will be the next US President. This means that according to previous articles, Biden will reveal the truth about aliens.

We are looking forward to learning more about what is really going on in the skies.

There is no doubt that in order for the US to continue being a world leader, it has to be laser-focused. The competition from China in the Space area is rising very fast, and we see other countries moving at an accelerated pace.

With this Space race, there is a need for stability, focus, good decisions, and very very good leadership. For those, that are not convinced yet to vote for Biden, we can only say that there is no perfect candidate right now. The important thing is to take steps in the right direction. The goal should be “Democracy First!”

We believe that we are heading there, slowly but surely!

Democracy is something you have to work very hard to maintain through the years, and it is a very important matter. It goes beyond political parties. Therefore, in order for the US to be a winner, its people will have to think as a whole, as a country.

With trips to the moon and Mars, we will be in a totally different situation than we are today. We will need to have the money for technologies, expertise, the right strategies, very good leadership, and even have the right strategic collaborations to reach our goals. The messages sent out to the world have to be crystal clear.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can avoid the wars. But most important of all, let’s make sure that we select the right leadership that will make the correct decisions that will benefit the world.

It’s time that we know what are Biden’s plans regarding Space exploration.

Anyway, whatever bad spell the US was under, it is fading away now very fast. It was about time! We have to confess that we were all pretty worried.

This is a new era, one that will require a mind shift!

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August 3rd: Mr. “T” is losing. This is very good news indeed. Bad news: The pandemic is out of control which is another result of bad leadership.
We feel sorry for the people affected and the families too. It’s sad.

Let’s go back in time a bit. There were many things that caused this:
1) Lack of collaboration with WHO.
2) Denial
3) Not wearing masks in the beginning
4) Lack of fast action.
5) Not listening to the experts.
6) All the chaos that has been there all these past years.

The world cannot afford to lose more lives. Let’s all work together.

Furthermore, there are some peculiarities that have called our attention, not once, but many times.

There is something very fishy going on. If there is a fire, you call the firemen and send them where the fire is, so they can put it off. Right?

Our message to you is: Be on the watch now! There is something very fishy going on. We do not know what it is, but we have a very bad feeling.

You are being distracted all the time. The attention which should be placed on the key things at hand is being shifted to things that are less important and that do not require your immediate attention. And the question is why.

Why on Earth…

Is the attention put on the wrong things?

Is the wrong message being given?

Whatever you are feeling right now. Stop! Hold your emotions. Just make sure that Mr. “T” does not get another term. That’s all! There’s no need for violence. Just put your vote in the right place.

Updated news

Here we see the same pattern once again. The help never goes where it should. 40 million Americans about to lose their homes, but the help goes somewhere else, according to an article published on the “Big Think” website.

– Churches and ministries received up to $10 billion in federal assistance during the first round of stimulus.

– The Catholic Church exploited a loophole to be considered a “small business” and received up to $3.5 billion in forgivable loans.

– With stimulus measures ending last week, up to 40 million Americans are in danger of losing their homes.


That’s not all, there’s more. Mr. T’s position has stabilized but it does not take a genius to understand why. We can imagine where the votes will be coming from. We’re not surprised are we? He’s been working very hard behind the scenes. Are we fooled? No, Sir! “We already know it’s a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing!” The “church thing” is just a strategy like millions of the ones we have seen through the years. We can see the target clearly too. Is it going to fly? No! =)

And as if it was not enough with all this, we see even more fake news and towards his opponent. That’s right! It’s the same pattern all over again. It’s always his opponent that is the villain. It’s a big show going on that has no end. Most probably we will see seeing many villains and hearing more fabricated stories on the way.

This is how he operates. It’s all “business gone wild”.

So get ready for the numbers to change abruptly and shockingly as they did last time. We hope we do not see the same situation again nor that we see another term with this person. So, if you think you can sit and wait calmly for a win, you are wrong. You will have to work very hard to get the right person elected. This is a very clever person, with very clever strategies, and that stops at nothing to win. For those that still have a job and a home, let me advise you: Another term with Mr. T and you might be next to lose your home, your job, and other things that previous leaders have fought so long to offer the world. You can say bye-bye to Democracy.

Furthermore, how would you feel if you were about to lose your home and end up in the streets where the coronavirus is out of control? How would you feel if you and your family are in a situation like that? Nobody, absolutely nobody deserves that! Do you think these people have the time? You can imagine the fate of these people.

More news on this

Yes, at this point, we have to look at the situation from all angles.


The Coronavirus

This is the situation: As long as there is denial, there is no end to the coronavirus. So, listen to WHO and be in touch with your communities to get the real facts. I think WHO is the organization to trust. And check the CNN website today since there is more info there with numbers.

The latest news on the pandemic

Mr. T

Stay awake for the surprises that will surely appear until the election takes place. Be awake and work hard to get a good leader elected. So far, we’ve seen a total detachment from reality from this leader. If this is the way he handles a pandemic, we do not want to know how he would handle a possible war. Reality bites!
Take it from a visionary leader: This is not a good leader you have over there. The priorities are clearly not the people, nor peace, nor love, nor compassion, nor solving humanity’s biggest problems.

Joe Biden

We believe this is the right leader, an honest person with his feet on the ground, and many years of experience. Honesty is key, especially in the times we live in today. This is the leader that will lead Humanity right now.

Climate Change, another crisis on the way

Furthermore, according to Bill Gates, we have another crisis on the way. This is something to take into consideration since we will need very good decision-making and action. Guess who we have to thank for this situation? Mr. T! Thanks to his denial once again! Do you see a pattern? We sure do!

You know what this means. Let us spell it out for you: animal extinction, less food on the table, and more lives lost. It’s piling up. One crisis after another. Plus the denial, of course. The world is like a ship that is sinking. The question is: How much more can it sink? We can save it! And we still have time to save penguins and other animals. We love these fellows, they are so cute! We truly do not want to see them go.

It’s Wake-Up Time

We have to protect our lives, our planet, and our children. Not everybody will be able to go to Mars, the Moon, and Beyond. Many of us will still live here on Earth. You can imagine that violence will have grown exponentially by then and “the mask” will be a minor issue. It will be dangerous to go out with or without the mask.

The children

Take care of your children, because we see more lies on the way.

It’s not only the technologies that are growing exponentially, but it’s also the lies. No wonder the pandemic is out of control.

Remember: This is what we know, just imagine what we don’t know.

So what is the solution?

This is the solution that we bring to the table:

– We, the people, have to help each other. Unfortunately, help might not reach the people in need when they need it the most (avoid more deaths). We might not get a job when we need it the most either (unemployment is still affecting us, women, now more than ever before). The situation calls for immediate action, and it is time that we think outside of the box. Old solutions do not apply to the cases we have at hand. Time is a luxury we do not have.

– Don’t let Mr. T divide you. Instead, COME TOGETHER! And for this, we are sending you a video for inspiration!

– No violence.

– Open more remote jobs and be more flexible. See to it that we have more female recruiters and that equality is priority number 1.

– Biased automated systems should be taken out of circulation immediately. It’s a matter of life and death right now. We ask all women around the world and the powerful organizations to take a stand. You are fighting for yourselves and your children!

– Relationships are the key. Building good relationships and working on finding solutions on a daily basis.

– Focus, focus, and focus. There is too much distraction in the world today.

– Working with things that we love and are really passionate about.
Surrounding ourselves with good inspiration: talks made by leaders, good books, nice music, and listening to uplifting podcasts that enrich our lives.

– We need to think positively, but we also need to be aware of the important decisions we have to make to ensure that we build a better world, not only for us but for future generations. We need a world built on good values, honesty, love, compassion, and peace! Complaining will take us nowhere. The decision-makers must make a strategic plan and act upon it. The people that have to vote, must be aware of the responsibility on their shoulders.

– We need to bring back the peace treaties and improve international negotiations. We cannot expect peace without honesty. This is a very delicate situation.

And now we leave you alone to reflect upon what we told you. We have already shared our thoughts with you.

From our side, we guarantee you that we will be moving ahead with determination and action. And the solutions we mentioned above will be our agenda from today. Although we cannot vote, we can guide you and give you advice. We are here for strategic collaborations and most of all for all work related to Space Exploration and Innovation! Reach out to us!

We will fight for Humanity!

We are going to Mars, the Moon, and Beyond. This is a very important step for Humanity! It’s nothing anybody can take lightly.