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We increased the tempo exponentially once again.

We will be getting back to people for meetings and we will speed up procedures with the IoT articles which are published approx. once a week on the “IoT Worlds” website

Now that we finalized the MBA Certificate Program and all the MBA courses required for the final examination, we will get back to the people that have contacted us while we were in the middle of examinations.

There are other things on the way since we have contacted a huge foundation for a partnership.

Furthermore, we applied as a Mentee to get help to grow our business and are waiting for the decision on who our Mentor will be.

At the same time, we are Mentors for COVIDWISE at Copenhagen Business School.

And we are now deeper in the Space industry and soon this will be seen very clearly.

During all this journey we have grown as a Visionary Leader and we can’t deny that our passion grows more and more in solving global issues. We are here for you, through our articles, our inspiration, our guidance, our visionary leadership, and our work.

Do not forget that we are also Futurists!