Tomorrow Monday at 4 pm we have a meeting with a Publishing Success Strategist and at 8 pm we have a phone meeting with a Canfield Trainer.

Preparation is the key so we’ll have the draft ready tonight, most probably we will finish after midnight.

Of course, the book will talk about our areas of expertise but with a focus on this New Space Era. So it will not be about scientific subjects but instead about technologies and other related topics.

The pages that we have written so far, have followed the advice we received from the webinar. Now we move on to the book and even the audiobook. It might turn out that our result is presented as an audiobook.

Sunday (tonight) 10.32 pm: I decided on the sections of the book.

12.57 am: I decided it will be about technology, people, and the new space era. The purpose and end goal have also been written down. There is no way we are going to bed without the draft is finalized.

5.30 am: We are back on the ring after dozing off for a couple of hours.