This is a message to the giant companies:

For those of you who created these biased systems, we got news for you:

Get ready for the biggest disruption you have ever seen! Yeah, that’s right!
Take a walk on the wild side. =)

We are going to get rid of these systems that have kept us out of the job market for years! Systems that have favored the “developer culture” leaving out all the rest of us, especially the women! We are talking about years, long years.

The world does not belong to the developers. Sorry! It belongs to all of us.

For those still stuck in this system, we got news for you:

We are getting you out, BIG TIME!! You know what we mean: years of sending CV’s. Right? “Same old, same old”.


Yes, you missed many details on the way!

It’s time that you get a flavor of your own medicine. You got too much power, for your own good. We are going to give you the boot alright.