We added the link to SoundCloud on our website. This is where we will upload our podcast series: “The Moon, Mars, and Beyond”.

After finishing the Professional Speaking training from Brian Tracy, we decided that our first topic will be “The New Space Era”.

On Monday at 4 pm. we have a meeting with a publishing company giving advice to people on writing their first book and our next goal is to start posting articles. They have been sending us notifications via Facebook for several months now but we did not understand 100% the importance of it at that moment and we had other training courses we were finalizing. To us, a Writer and a Speaker were two different professions but now we understand that they go together.

There is always an enormous amount of work here at Emerging Technologies Sweden and even though we are small, our impact is huge.

People keep asking us for articles and videos. In short, we just became a Speaker and now we have to become a Writer and we have not failed to notice that, for some weird reason, our vision is connected to writers: Thomas Erl (the creator of Arcitura and a series of famous books), Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and so on. We’ve been puzzled about this coincidence and it is kind of funny and at the same time very mysterious. We are starting to wonder what more are we about to discover. It is about time we get things done in this company =)

Our research towards solving the global challenge has led us through this path, and now we have started working on our other challenge which will, without any doubt, lead us towards another very mysterious path. Yes, it is looking very strange already but that is where our vision is taking us and we are very honest about who we are, what our goal is, and where we want to be. Needless to say, we are 200% serious about our work and on solving the challenges. We started defining who we are right from the beginning but our life was very far from where we wanted to be and it did not reflect the passion nor the talent inside of us. In short, we had a journey to make and things to discover. This story is unfolding in such an amazing way and we do not blame those that do not understand what is really happening.

At times we feel like a warrior because of the energy and strength that pushes us forward during all these battles, other times, we feel like a leader telling people what is happening with these technologies and where they are taking us. It never ends and we never stop taking action. We know that sooner or later we will get there but we hope that it is sooner than later.

It is 5.35 pm now and the first steps have been taken. A list of steps has been written and the decision has been taken. There is a book on its way …

Now it is time to speed up procedures with other parts of the business with the goal of getting results before the end of the year. It is time now!