We, at Emerging Technologies Sweden, disrupted the Space Travel Industry (the rockets) thanks to our innovative and pioneering programs and our work as Innovation Strategic Advisors to Space Railway Corporation, an American Space Startup that has an invention without precedence and that will change the way we travel in Space in the year 2025. We broke the glass ceiling! We are on the other side now, the side of success. The rest is just a matter of time. Watch out big players because you are no longer the only visionaries leading Humanity towards a multi-planetary future and Space is no longer a boy's club! =)

We are building a 7-figure online business while helping millions (If not billions) of clients. Follow our journey while we build our digital empire, create social and technological impact, inspire, educate, innovate, do research, and more. We ave a plan for 2021 and here are some key goals and accomplishments:

Phase 1: Adoptation of new habits and expertise in accordance with the needs of today and the future, creation of virtual and interactive training programs, and planning ahead with multimillionaire companies. The later, is about our Executive Education which includes closing high ticket sales, selling, and more. This is crucial in order to build a sustainable and successful business and Impact others. With this in mind, we finalized studying most of the programs at Harv Eker Academy. Next, comes the other Multimillionaire companies and they are two. To reach this step, we will have to boost sales and invest which will result in greater value for our clients. We adopted new habits. Accomplished. Now, we will boost sales.

Phase 2: Finalization of the Google Data Analytics Prof. Cert. program and the Executive Data Science Specialization (Johns Hopkins University). Accomplished! We are certified. 

Phase 3: Creation of strategic partnerships and collaborations for greater global impact. We partnered with KDA (Knowledge Deep Analytics) and had several meetings with some of their companies. We wrote an article on FemTech and Longevity that will be published on their social media channels. Longevity is part of our business culture. This complete with our mission of leading Humanity towards a multiplanetary future. Humanity will become more resilient due to science, tech, education, and gene editing. This is a fact! Accomplished! We are on the way!

Phase 4: Become Expert Funnel Hackers! We started learning from famous Entrepreneur Russell Brunson! He built a $360 million dollar SaaS business, and it was entirely self-funded. From the 26th of October we are joining forces with other Hackers! It is time to get show on the road! Accomplished! 

Phase 5: Become a Digital Entrepreneur, create an online shop, and boost our email marketing, social media presence, brand, and getting more clients. Accomplished! Here we started learning from the Multimillionaire Internet and Marketing Entrepreneurs Anik Singal & Alicia Lyttle that help entrepreneurs, As a result of this, we are more action-focused. This means, that we learn and apply on an ongoing basis. Visit our shop at: EmergingTech.

More eCommerce sites soon to follow! This is part of our mission and also with the goal of building a sustainable business and creating several passive income streams. We will add Amazon asap.

Phase 6: We are now on Nov. 11th focused on the AR Creator Certification programs. We’ll need tools to create AR, VR, and 3D. We have no seed funding and started the company from scratch. We thought we could find a part-time job but it proved to be super difficult through the years due to the fact that the systems are broken and have not been working for years. Women are turned down by the hundreds (thousands or millions) and remote workers still need more support and job opportunities. Everybody talks about diversity and inclusion, but in practice, they are not doing what they preach. it just does not work! There is still a whole lot of work that has to be done. This is what propelled us to keep on learning and today we have accomplished a lot. We are on a path towards success and we have become more resilient and resourceful! Furthermore, we are over the top with wishful thinking and promises and that is why we will push harder to get things done now. More news: we are affiliate marketers for MMO and Canva and have upcoming meetings for business partnerships in EMEA. 

Nov. 12: The waiting game ends here and now! We got a day packed with very important meetings. We are launching free Coding courses with a partner/collaborator based in USA but first things first: a) building a sustainable business b) getting recurrent clients and sales. This freebie mindset that we have in the world today is not helping especially the female entrepreneurs. Without a balance, many companies will disappear. This is part of the systems that are not working. While part of the population grows, the rest observes and struggles to survive and get noticed. 

Nov 14: We are going through the metamorphosis process. The pieces that will be part of our future are already here. They are coming together rapidly. It is not the normal order. Emerging Technologies Sweden is a very strange creature with a beautiful mission, one which is unfolding. Things come to us in the strangest order. The challenges come before the tools and means to solve them which exercises our ability to understand and solve it in an unusual way. This is another pattern, most probably linked to the future and what we will be dealing with when the time comes. This is the amazing part of it all. It is also fun. There is absolutely no diubt now: the problems and situations this company will be solving are of a complex and unusual nature. 

Nothing is normal. And yeah, we are handful! What a match. =)

Nov 14 at 1 PM CET. We are peeking over the other side (the future). What a beauty!. Now, we just want to arrive. We calculate that on Nov. 14th and 15th we will carry out what is left. 

Nov. 15: We will be 200% direct: We want to get paid for our work and we are fed up with working for free. If anybody comes to us and asks us to work for free, we are going to scream. That is how we feel about it. It is the last drop! You people are not aware that women have been facing social injustice for years and that is the reason most of us started our companies in the first place. In what world do we live in? We are sorry but we are not going to be part of this madness! It’s over. Wrong door. It is 8:14 AM and we are getting ready for the day. We definitely do not suffer from amnesia.

17:10: The training program that we are launching together with 2 Space companies is on the way and we narrowed down the target audiences. This is our mission. We’ve decided that it is now time to let go of everything that does not serve us any longer. After midnight, we move forward and start our new life. 

Nov. 16: We ordered the keyboard and pen. The metamorphosis process is over. Accomplished.

Phase 7: We are learning from an Entrepreneur who is a real remote worker and who has several years of experience. We share the passion! Our focus is getting booked fast and diving deep into coding. So here we are into the nitty gritty of setting the price for our services, getting clients, and getting booked fast. Let’s call it business operations. 

Phase 8: Social and Technological impact! We have a strategic collaboration with two Space companies (so far it is two) and are organizing a Virtual Space Training Program to be launched asap. We created a confidential document and are having ongoing meetings to discuss different aspects of the planning! We at Emerging Technologies Sweden are now deep into technology and moving very fast to carry out our mission, in other words, our MTP. Nobody can do it alone. Together, we are stronger! 

Nov. 16: We contacted the Astronauts. Now, we focus on the product. Needless to say it will be radical/pioneering innovation. It is the only way to go. Tonight we drive into research to develop our idea. Everything has to fit. It is confidential. We forgot to clarify that all these phase are happening at the same time and at an exponential speed. 

18:02: For some time now we wake up the strangest hours and continue working. Tonight, we are waiting for 2 deliveries and one song keeps playing in our mind so we found this nice video to share:

Nov. 17: It is action day! We just enrolled in the Women in the Cloud Learning program, a partnership between Microsoft and Coursera. Thank you both for the scholarship. What an amazing course! We just finished course 1 of 5 in the Microsoft Azure AI Specialization.

We can say that there are several indications that we are on the path.  Not very long ago we told you about one of our breakthroughs. We discovered that our missions are connected. We are 200% sure about it now. God puts people and opportunities in our way for a very good reason. Our mission is very special because we carry Humanity on our shoulders and have a very long and amazing journey ahead of us. The tech part is moving at accelerated pace and it is not yet totally clear but it has to be. For this, we will take steps, reflect, and make a decision. There are several things pulling us in different directions but they are related. We feel the urgency and importance to act now because we are Visionary leaders. The time has come. We had to become the Visionary leaders that we mention in our MTP at the header of our website. We had to go all the way for you to believe us. The issue with trust has to be solved very soon because it is hurting the world on a daily basis. 

10:50: Now, we pick up the tempo! 

11:25: Ok We enter the time tunnel now. We’ll be very busy. We wish you all a nice day. 

Nov 18 at 5:49 AM: We had breakfast and are working with Technology & Innovation. We have been working with 2 different timezones for several months now. From today, we will focus on solving the laptop problem. We need a new laptop and will find the way to get it because we simply cannot work without our tools. This is a very creative and intensive period which will mean hours of work with AR, Hololens 2, coding, 3D, Microsoft Azure AI, and more. Today we will be at a conference that has to do with funding and later in the day we have a meeting with a successful entrepreneur to see how we can get help to boost sales and get booked fast. 

Nov. 19: Today we finalize the Microsoft Azure AI Specialization and then we’ll be doing the 2 other ones that are part of the scholarship. During the day, we’ll start getting into Hololens 2, the other scholarship. It looks like we’ll be choosing the Microsoft AI Engineer path. 

And now comes a coffee break with some wonderful music!

Phase 9: As part of the strategy of getting several sources of active income (both passive and active are important) we got a part-time remote job at a Danish company located in Denmark. Accomplished. But since it is a freelance job it does not provide a stable source of income which at the end of the day gives no security. Anyway, success is about taking action and failing forward. We are getting closer to a solution. In short, it is up to us to make the changes happen. T. Harv Eker says that we should stop complaining, blaming, and justifying and start changing our life. So it is time to make a declaration like Harv says: “I create the exact level of my financial success! I have a millionaire mind”. Ok. It is time to take steps. We will start buying the accessories that we need to put together the laptop that we need, a Microsoft Surface Pro, the cheapest option. The model has been decided on. No more waiting! That is our goal. We’ve also seen the signs that the middle class might disappear through time. We hope it doesn’t. But just in case it does, we prefer to belong to the high class because that is how we can help other people. That is our decision. We are shooting for the planets my friend! We are going all the way! Get ready to rock!

Nov 27: We are between heaven and hell, between success and failure. It is a never ending battle against injustice: social injustice and wrong handling (misunderstandings and more). Today, we just need a break. Tomorrow, we step it up again. The fight continues! We ask ourselves: Will it ever end? We are pulling out of this situation (the messy people that do not do their job right, and the troublemakers that have nothing better to do than bring evil). From here onwards we will refer to them as the MESS.We are very near to success and at moments we are not. It goes back and forth. It is 200% clear that the environment is not good for us (the apartment and some people in the neighborhood). We have been fighting this malevolent force for years. It has been trying to bring us down for years. We need to move to a better place and we need to hang out with likewise people, in other words people that have a leadership role, a successful mindset, a positive way of thinking, etc. So, we know we will move and it is just a matter of time. Harv Eker talked about the importance of the money blueprint and how one should work on changing it. People should be taught how to make and handle money at an early age. This should be taught in school. It is so important yet so few of us really know this. Then there is the issue that people grow up with false beliefs (and they are unaware of it too) that block them from becoming successful. Covid has affected the world in a way nobody could have ever imagined. This could happen again with another pandemic or a sudden war between super powers (the signs are already here). It all leads to the fact that we must have a strong financial base. Anything can change and there is nothing written on stone. Uncertainty only increases with time as technology gets better and the global market changes. So, leadership is more important than ever before. We understood this a long time ago. We are not on Earth to do it all by ourselves and according to the breakthrough that we made, we understood that our missions are connected. This is very deep especially because this connectedness crosses seas and continents. There is a meaning behind it all, something very powerful. Knowing ones mission is just part of the journey towards success. Another part is character and the ability to handle situations. It is about being strong no matter what happens around you, no matter the circumstances. And then there is the part where we have to find the people that have a mission that is connected with ours. This last part is amazing. It is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Things go super fast when these pieces are together. To reach this point, you have to pass all the tests. These are the obstacles, hardships, fight within yourself, and the key people you meet on your way. It is like we are put on certain paths for a very good reason. There is somebody we have to meet or something we have to go through that will teach us something vital that later on we will need to apply in order to succeed. In short, we must not lose sight along our journey. It is a journey about balance, one within ourselves. There is greatness in all this. And the mission is sacred. This is unique! The combination of all this is what makes us who we are. Tonight the clock is ticking. We need to move fast and also slow. Strange right? Two tempos. It is like two dimensions. The realistic plane we all see in front of our eyes and a deeper plane that not many see. Nevertheless, this latter one exists. This is the story of a visionary leader, still growing, still learning. One that must hurry up. This is the exact time when we must become unshakeable, unbeatable, and invincible. It is a crazy world.

Nov 27: New day! Thank you God for everything. Today, we move ahead. Are you registered for the Millionaire Mind Online? There is also a free masterclass on the 29th. It is super important to stay on the track towards success. Happy Thanksgiving.

And now we want to share another video that we think is soooooo cool! We love everything about it: Bono’s looks, the amazing cloths, his haircut, his sunglasses, and the song.We wish he had a boyfriend that looks as cool as he does. Enjoy!

Phase 10: NEW LIFE. Well, it’s the 30th of November and our new life has started with very fast developments. We’ve seen our future and it’s amazing. Finally!

All this is happening in the middle of the chaos at home after years of struggle with the consquences of water damage and the fact that we found out that there is an error in the construction of the building. Yeah, it is quite a huge mess. We are sooo tired of this. We simply must find another home and we will. Anyway, we just want to tell you to prepare yourselves because the amazing changes are coming and they affect you in a marvelous way! 

Dec. 1: It is 12:44 PM and we are accelerating the transition. One of the things we learned from Jack Canfield is that you have to do some cleaning (getting things done) before success enters fully (admin work, phone calls, etc.). We are closing this chapter in our life. So today we will be doing that. In 15 minutes we are jumping into a 3-hour long masterclass with Harv Eker, then we jump into another regarding sales with another person. Then we have another 3-hour masterclass with a very famous expert in marketing and exponential business (our new discovery). This is our life now. To finalize, we have some hundred hours of coding (we are going far beyond all expectations). Then we need to book our Unity Instructor exam asap. We will be doing the cleaning in between (the least fun part but hugely important). The faster it is done, the better it will be.  Now we accelerate exponentially. We will be laser focused and super busy! Plus we are organizing the virtual training with the other Space companies. Next week, we put it all together. Remember: You can take everything away from a person except the knowledge and what that person lived. There is power in this. This is the competitive part. You cannot copy it, nor take it away. It is unique! In short, what was in our old life a weakness, is in our new life our strength. Get ready! 🙂

Phase 11: We are back to tech and we mean not only theory but also practice. We had started out with Social Entrepreneurship and Technology Entrepreneurship and now we’re going deeper into the latter one and specifically into Coding and SpaceTech. What best describes us is Solopreneurs (not Freelancers). Achieved! On Nov 23rd we finished the 3rd and last Microsoft Azure Exam Prep. Cert. Specialization. We are coding on a daily basis and increased the tempo exponentially! Moving top speed ahead to address the global challenges.

Dec. 3: We got vouchers with discount to do the certification exams at Pearson Vue. Now, we will review everything we studied and book the exam.

Phase 12: We finalized the Unity Train the Trainer program and need to invest in the exam and also on a VR-ready laptop. Ok. On Nov. 11th we’ll be looking at the dates for the exam and making a decision asap. NEWS! We just got a message that we were accepted in another training program to learn Hololens 2 for the Space Industry. So, SpaceTech it is 🙂

Here, we need to hurry up. We are a bit delayed with this. On the other hand, we started studying Mixed Reality (Hololens) so we are going deep into tech like never before! And we did research about potential business opportunities. We know what’s coming and we discovered another target group. This is confidential. We hit the jackpot! In short, today Dec. 3 at 8:40 am we can confirm that we are bigger than the problems. Massive changes are ahead! We will set things right for us and the others. And for those that have been getting away with a lot of things (no need to get into details or start pointing fingers): It is time for you to run for the hills big time! Message delivered. 🙂 Enjoy your day! 🙂

Full speed ahead!

Dec. 5, 9:26 AM: We got a job offer some days ago and have been collecting some vital info. We are waiting for the contract but sent an email with pending points. We await an urgent response. At the same time, we made our strategic plan (our company and career dev) that starts today. We enter a more dynamic life with many changes. More skills will be shown on our LinkedIn this week. Changes have taken place with our direct contacts which also gives us an idea of where we are heading. We found a cheaper model of laptop which will be our emergency solution if everything else fails. It is clear that we will have to continue pushing to get things done and also working with parallel plans until things are resolved. As we mentioned before, the systems are broken. We have been one of the victims for years and we have first-hand experience. This is why we started the company in the first place. Through the years we have been doing research. One thing is to solve a global problem with the team, funding, etc. Another thing is solving a global problem without any of these things which requires a very different set of skills and approach. Anyway,mtgis reminds us of Google and other companies that isolates themselves to work heavily with innovation. Was the name Skunk Works? Hmm. We created a unique business model and also a hybrid business model which we shared with one of our main contacts. This is a great model. It is all about innovation. The changes will take place one way or the other.

We are very near to reaching our goals which will bring massive positive impact to the world. We’ve seen our future. It is beautiful beyond your belief! With these images, we move ahead. No change will come unless we change. Remember! So, women must change. 

Phase 13:  Boosting our brand and joining global business networks especially those that have a goal to help female Founders. Achieved!

Dec. 3: This lead us to Women in Cloud. We are super happy! This is the correct network for us. Here we grow on a daily basis.

Phase 14: Boosting sales and content on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Focusing on results! Accomplished. Our pages have been improved and we created an event for Sunday 24th at 7PM CET. Here are the links to Facebook, etc.

Emerging Technologies Sweden – Business Consulting


Dec. 3: We finally solved sales! We are now certified Technology sellers (Univ. of Maryland) moving exponentially. We also partnered with Microsoft. Now it is just a question of gathering info and getting to work in a different way.  What we earn, we will invest in further training and other things which will give us a strong base to stand on.


Phase 15: Invest in high ticket closing education. A Canadian multimillionaire company will train us.

Phase 16:  Invest in Executive and Sales education. A multimillionaire company will train us and we got the offer of a business collaboration as Associates. To reach this goal, we have to pay for the onboarding and training. This is another reason to speed up procedures!

Conclusion: It has been a very active year but we could have achieved a whole lot more. We hit roadblocks due to the fact that we were left hanging in the air for months waiting for contracts that never arrived. It was very disappointing and stressful, something that delayed our launch and impacted us very much but we persevered. And then we went through other similar situations. There is a pattern, it is something that it is our mission to change. Yes, we are the changemakers. Everybody has a mission and we have ours.

Later on, we finally found the right path since we got a confirmation on the 24th of October that we got accepted in the Microsoft Hololens 2 training and team for Space at an American company. We are super happy about this because we are on the way to accomplishing our MTP! Read our.MTP at the header of our website. Conclusion: So far, it is two steps forward and one backward. This is our message to the companies and leaders wanting to help female entrepreneurs: Be ready to go all the way because we do not need halfhearted efforts. You either help us, or you don’t. Don’t make us lose our time.

Dec. 3: We continue to see the pattern. We are continuously put on hold and we sincerely hate it. Speed is one of our main characteristics, execution is the other. So, we decided that from now on we will only move forward with companies that provide: tools, contracts, follow-up, and move as fast as we do. That is it. Our time is also very important. This attitude of making female entrepreneurs and founders wait endlessly for action stops NOW! And let us be crystal clear about it: only 2 % of us get funding. Understand the impact. We already have. This is our area of expertise.

So from Dec. 3 2021, we pause all ongoing projects, negotiations, etc. that are not showing results. We set the limits.  We will not waste any of our time any longer. Furthermore, we do not work for free! Wrong door! It is unbelievable that one must nearly beg to get the necessary tools like a laptop to get the job done, while we are handling business that costs millions if not billions of dollars. We were not born yesterday. We do not mean to be rude. Somebody has to be direct by now. It’s wake up time. This does not run anymore!

We move ahead with our plans with or without the help starting today. We raise the tempo exponentially. Today we get things done! We will find the way to get the tools that we need even if we have to work around the clock. It ends now! We are totally fed up with the situation. Furthermore, we are solving global challenges, so a laptop should be a walk in the park and of minor importance due to the value that we bring to the table. This is ridiculous. Please grow up!

Dec. 3, 1:08 PM: It is execution time! Starting now, we make quick decisions and execute. The waiting game is over. We have a meeting in 10 min. and then another with the 2 Space companies to launch the training program. We also contacted Microsoft. We wait for nobody!

Dec. 3, 5:44 PM: Tonight, in some hours,  we receive a beautiful cover for the laptop. We are getting nearer to the goal. Next step, is the laptop. Tonight, we start working around the clock to solve this. Another good news is that we are helping The Moon Society like always but now we increase our efforts. Plus, we have seen today another sign of great alignment. Yes, we have a huge and amazing mission! No matter the challenges and obstacles that we have, we are on the right path and we are correctly aligned. 

Remember what we taught you: Our missions are connected. And now we teach you something more. When you find the missions that connect with yours, you find the answers that you have been seeking, and they find theirs. 

We hereby advise all female professionals to pay attention to the patterns we descibed above and to also take action to get things done and change the mindset of the people around you. If you do not do this, you will lose time, opportunities, and will be delayed in your career development. Identify the people who are not serious way ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time and trouble. This is a very fast world and we need to move super fast! Remember that while these people put you on hold, other professionals and companies are moving exponentially and competing with you. You are being disrupted big time. There are many gaps to solve. Let’s get this done!

Women are not respected in the workforce and this changes right here, right now with us. The bus stops here my friend! You bet!

Furthermore, our company’s main characteristics are: entrepreneurial & exponential mindset, extraordinary vision, visionary leadership, exponential speed, strategic foresight, and execution. We like transparency and honesty. 



From the 27th of May 2020, we started working with Space Projects together with The Mars Society and the Moon Society, two amazing non-profit organizations!

The 11th of June 2020 marked the turning point for us! We achieved several developments.

We are registered in a huge database of an important University in the United States to work remotely as a Course Leader.