We, at Emerging Technologies Sweden, disrupted the Space Travel Industry (the rockets) thanks to our innovative and pioneering programs and our work as Innovation Strategic Advisors to Space Railway Corporation, an American Space Startup that has an invention without precedence and that will change the way we travel in Space in the year 2025. We broke the glass ceiling! We are on the other side now, the side of success. The rest is just a matter of time. Watch out big players because you are no longer the only visionaries leading Humanity towards a multi-planetary future and Space is no longer a boy's club! =)


Solve the wealth gap (Phase 1) in the New Space Industry. Our plan includes adopting new habits, new expertise, and creating training programs. We made arrangements with 3 multimillionaire companies to receive the best training! We will also become New Space Investors (giving back to society) =). By then, we will have achieved 100% transformation and will continue to reinvent ourselves over and over again, forevermore. We are already today, a force to be reckoned with! Status: We finalize the training from Harv Eker in Sept.

Finalize the Google Data Analytics Prof. Cert. program and the Executive Data Science Specialization (Johns Hopkins Univ.) at the beginning of Sept. (Phase 2). By the end of Sept, we will have achieved more milestones. Status: Accomplished.

On September the 7th, we will partner with Knowledge Deep Analytics (KDA). This is Phase 3. Status: Accomplished.

At the beginning of Sept. we start working with paid innovation projects together with an American Space company. (Phase 4). Status: To be updated very soon.

A Multimillionaire company will train us in 2021 (Phase 5).

Become Associates of an international company based in Australia (Phase 6). In this case, it is a company offering training from one of the worldwide famous multimillion dollar brands! This means that we will be acquiring the best Executive Training.

The last multimillionaire company is Harv Eker International (Phase 7). We are getting our own Wealth Coach in October.

At the end of October, we will finalize the Unity Train the Trainer program and after that, we will be delivering live virtual training as Unity 3D Instructors and Unity Professional 3D Artists (Phase 8). We have a strategic collaboration with an international company.

Recently, we partnered with SpaceSpecialists Ltd., a Space & Defence company in Australia (Phase 9). Our intensive and innovative training programs for the New Space Industry will be launched worldwide from their website in 2021, when the contracts are signed (they are pending since May). From July, we will participate in a super interesting International Virtual Fair together with SpaceSpecialists Ltd. It is important to clarify that we will be both Partners & Consultants. Status: The booth at the fair has been organized. The contracts are delayed so it is not official yet and our training programs have not been launched. Estimated date: October or November.

From June 10th 2021, we set the bar super high. We ONLY work with companies that focus on inclusiveness, diversity, and a growth mindset. This is part of our action against social injustice (gender discrimination, age discrimination, and bullying of female professionals unable to enter the Arts, Game, and Immersive Tech. Industry) and the fight to help Humanity get out of stagnation! Our goal is to open the doors to explore, cross the limits, grow exponentially, and be happy! This is why we are civilization type one! We are meant to lead, disrupt, empower, cross the boundaries, and accelerate the presence on other planets, discover other civilizations, and more (fearless!). We know who we are, our value, and our mission.



From the 27th of May 2020, we started working with Space Projects together with The Mars Society and the Moon Society, two amazing non-profit organizations!

The 11th of June 2020 marked the turning point for us! We achieved several developments.

We are registered in a huge database of an important University in the United States to work remotely as a Course Leader.