This post is a continuation of the list of goals we published earlier this year. To build habits you have to be consistent during 21 days.

Today we started our workout with 17 min. of kickboxing. We watched a great video in German by Dr. Daniel Gärtner.

We’ll be training 6 days a week and doing the whole workout. Of course, we’ll start small and then increase day by day.

Goal: 50 min./day, 6 times a week. Final goal: 55 kg.

Day 1 – 22nd of March: 17 min.
Day 2 – 23rd of March: 35 min.
Day 3 – 24th of March: 45 min.
Day 4 – 25th of March: 50 min. – The first goal is accomplished!
Day 5 – 26th of March: 50 min.
Day 6 – 27th of March: trying to start earlier …
Day 7 – 28th of March: Rest
Day 8 – 29th of March:
Day 9 – 30th of March:
Day 10 – 31st of March: