We just had our morning coffee and are going through the Self-Publishing Workbook we were offered as a free download by a passionate entrepreneur who loves to write and his mission is to help people write and get their book published. It is amazing how we are all connected!.

Our goal today is:

  1. To read the whole book.
  2. To finish the first version of the draft for the book and to have it reviewed.
  3. To publish the first podcast and upload it on Soundcloud.
  4. To find out more info regarding a message that we got via LinkedIn on a potential platform to reach customers and it might be the missing link.
  5. Our mission is to reach out to our customers, partners, and collaborators.

It is important to point out that we do not come from a position of weakness. We solved the gender and knowledge gap. Our innovation was registered at ALMI in 2018 and was reviewed by the Innovation Director who also works for StartUp Stockholm.

During 2019 we perfectioned our innovation, did further research, and all this work has helped us to grow. It has always been Space from the beginning, from our childhood. And research, vision, and innovation are the 3 cornerstones of our business. Things get solved in a strange way you might say but we get the job done.

The solution to the gender and knowledge gap that we bring to the market now is our pioneering Space Entrepreneurship Training Program that is the most amazing program you have ever seen.

Today our vision is sharper and we are stronger because we know now clearer than before who we are, what our mission is, and how to get there. The speed has increased thanks to the years of work solving many obstacles and challenges at the same time. Today we have the speed of a Space Entrepreneur.

We knew we had a mission right from the beginning when we saw the impact coming. We understood the challenge, the work being done by the other ExOs, the time and money invested by them, and so on. When you have these things in place you have the ability to move pretty fast. The understanding of the problem, who you are, your talents, and the mentoring from key people who have years of experience, the rest is just taking the steps that will lead you to success. It requires work, a lot of it, but if you are in the right direction and you are doing the right things, you will get there.

We know we need to keep learning and taking action. While we take action, we learn, we grow, and we discover.

I said it at an event several years ago: “We all have something to bring to the table, we are all a piece of a big puzzle”. I also explained that the Engineers do not have all the answers.

We know what was missing, where the error was made, and what should be corrected. This together with the latest findings brings me to what I already wrote under MSEI: The Future is here, right now!!

You see…we have grown already even though we still have things that need to be done before the end of the year. While people were busy with their daily lives, we were also busy! =)

Now it’s time for our second cup of coffee and to dive into the work that will get done today. We have a feeling that there is still something to discover within ourselves. This is so amazing! We dive into these challenges with a passion and a curiosity that you wouldn’t believe it. Now that we are in contact with the Space community, we will discover more about ourselves and this story will keep unfolding in such a remarkable way.

It’s time for action now…..See you later! =)

4.43 pm: We did the mindmap and took notes from a webinar sent from the new mentor that will take us to the next level. He is super passionate! How do we feel about this step that we have taken? We feel really good about it. Now we are working on a solution for our business and will learn from the experience. We might even discover something about ourselves that we did not know and what is most important: we will deliver value and connect with our customers. This is an opportunity to use our research skills.
The mentor’s story is really remarkable.