From the 22nd of June, we will be posting articles on emerging and exponential technologies written by us.

The focus will be on our areas of expertise in key technologies and subjects as follows: Immersive Technologies, Robotics – HRI & Human-Robotic Space Explorations, Robotics – CRO (Chief Robotics Officer), Digital Twins, Emerging Technologies, and Augmented Intelligence. Another new area of expertise is IoE (Internet of Everything).

Notice that we are offering articles on technologies if you want to buy and also the following digital material for your website: Ebooks, Interactive Documents PDFs, Ads, VUI prototypes made in XD, prototypes for websites, and more. We use Adobe Creative Cloud programs and other modern software tools. It is important to notice that we come from a Design background.

Besides what we mentioned above we offer online professional speaking, innovative online training programs, strategic advice calls, Emerging tech. and Exo Advice calls.

We work with innovation projects in the Space niche. This covers education, creation of content, innovative ideas, solutions to global challenges in the Space industry, doing research, and using our strategic foresight and vision. Reach out to us and let us discuss potential collaborations and partnerships.

Notice that we are not looking to hire any developers and we say this because we are constantly getting contacted by companies for this reason. We are looking to sell our online services and solutions. And we are looking for international strategic collaborations and partnerships.

If you have sales expertise and you are looking for partnerships where we can exchange services, reach out to us. Maybe you can help us with sales and we can help you with the creation of designs for example.

We’ll be uploading more Youtube videos in English and Spanish as soon as possible. We’ll be sharing them on LinkedIn.

You’ll be seeing our content more and more on LinkedIn and in different formats.

Our audience includes Explorers, Space executives, Space companies, Founders, and Entrepreneurs. Our content will be directed to Exponential Entrepreneurs, Technology Entrepreneurs, and Space Entrepreneurs most of all due to common areas of interest. Since we offer solutions to global challenges that have a huge social impact, our audience also includes Social Entrepreneurs.

And there will be more about innovation on our website since this is what we work with. We are also Futurists and we want to stress that Futurists are very important, more important than the technologies. They work with situations, problems, and technologies that are not here yet. If we apply this to Space, it’s even more important.

We hope this clarifies things.