We are preparing ourselves for the certification exam. Our time is very limited.

Now when we have a very tight schedule, all the negative energy from the outside is getting in the way. This means that we have to focus even harder and continue to think positively and do our best.

It’s unbelievable but just when we have a very important thing that we have to do, everybody needs our help urgently. So we have to deal with the anger and negative energy at the same time that we have to focus on going through the material before the exam.

All we know is that we will not give up and we will continue to do our best.

Yes, we said it before. There is this spiritual war going on between good and evil in the world. We represent the good side.

Now that we are very near to completion, obstacles get in the way and it is not surprising. This is another proof that there is something trying to stop us. It’s another test on the way towards success.

This negative energy has become stronger the last weeks and it is trying to take away our focus from the exam. The exam is linked of course to our solution for the gender gap. This is an important step towards professional development and when we finally start to help the people around us and deliver more value.

We’ve been fighting this “force” for years now.

Through the years we’ve gained the training to function under complete chaos and with challenges coming from many different angles.

So we will take a 5-minute pause, have something to drink, and continue studying.

We are 100% ready to reach a higher level.

Today is the first day that we went outside with a mask and we were going to visit a friend to celebrate her birthday (with the goal of being there for a short while and go back home) but yesterday we got an SMS saying that it had been canceled due to the fact that her roommates have Coronavirus.

We are glad that we ordered the mask and have now discovered better ones. According to the latest news, the virus is mutating and this second wave is stronger than the first one. There is absolutely no doubt that we all have to be careful.