JUNE 2019

08-06-2019: We are updating our website on an ongoing basis and we are adding: a newsletter form, a chatbot, and a ticketing service so people can order our online training programs and pay online. Other changes regarding design will e carried out as well. June is a very active month for us since we get more certifications and continue to build business relationships with international companies. Our Happiness Manager, Raisa (see her picture under Team), has become an overnight success! We are amazed at how many followers and likes we got on a page that does not belong to us so we created a new group/page called Emerging Technologies Fan Page on Facebook. Now, even though we tackle global challenges and we take it very seriously, we do have a very good sense of humor. Therefore, this is also reflected on our website. Raisa is part of our journey and everything we have gone through. Another important thing to know about us is that we are digital nomads and work from our home office. We have plans on working some days in the center of Stockholm at a co-working space but we have to wait until we are ready with the launch of our services. There is quite a fast tempo here at Emerging Technologies Sweden!

We updated our competitive advantage under the title “Why Should You Choose Us and Our Services” in the section about Innovation. We have a very tight schedule and fixed deadlines during the month of June and we will do our utmost to succeed. June is a month in which we will upload our certifications as a Jack Canfield The Success Principles Trainer and a Professional Speaker (Brian Tracy International) from the top 10% and 20% of the best and famous companies in the world, the best of the best!!! The prices on our website are “Early Bird Prices” and are very good considering the quality. Hurry up before the offer expires, because once the Certifications are uploaded on the website, the prices will go up. Our Space Entrepreneurship Training Program is about to be launched so keep an eye on our website!

MAY 2019

29-05-2019: From today we are working on improving the training programs especially the ones that have to do with Blockchain, The Jack Canfield-Success Principles, and the Speaker engagements. Please notice that since we are launching now then the time to book/register is a bit longer but then afterward it will be much shorter. We will also add more things to our programs, increasing the value for the customers. In short, it will be a continuous process of improvement.

24-05-2019: We are looking for a professional that can help us with sales soonest possible and on a commission basis. It can also be a partnership with a company in Sweden. Contact us to exchange ideas and see how we can help each other. The person or company we are looking for is passionate and committed, customer-oriented works fast, is result-oriented, and loves to sell. Sales is an art to them and they are passionate about making a big difference in the lives of people.

05-05-2019:  From today we are open for registrations for the following training programs (the prices are on our website): 1) Certified Blockchain Expert program (instructor-led online training). The last date for registration is on the 15th of June and the training will be on the 25th of June. 2) Speaker bookings (book Veronica Chiaravalli to speak for your company 1 month in advance and let us know which topic you are interested in: leadership, success, time management, etc.), 3) The Jack Canfield Success Principles Program (register at least 1 month in advance).

APRIL 2019

25-04-2019: From today until the 15th approx. we are preparing ourselves for the Certified Blockchain Architect Exam. After this, we will be working on making the necessary preparations prior to the launch of the Certification Blockchain programs.

24-04-2019: The countdown to the accomplishment of our second goal starts now at 5.21 pm. It has been 2 long days of hard work resulting in a big step forward. With every step we take, we get closer to the launch of our 4 main services/program for our customers.

23-04-2019: We are now making the final preparations for achieving our next goal: the Certified Blockchain Architect Training. We are also opening the door to 4 more gurus which we will be learning from and applying their principles.

Our first goal has been achieved and we are now Certified, Blockchain Experts. More information about the certification courses has been published. At the end of April and beginning of May, we will be busy with the Blockchain Architect Certification exam and we will also have some online business meetings with potential partners in May. Most of what we do is confidential. Please notice that our website is being updated from April the 3rd at an ongoing basis.

We offer professional public speaking services and the price is minimum 3200 USD per hour just to give an idea. Our goal is to be among the top 20% of the best speaker and trainers. We are prioritizing the technology courses, then the professional public speaking services, and afterward the Success Principles Training. Then the Space Entrepreneurship Training program will be launched.


We have now a person who will help us with the Sales. OUr video advertisement is on our website below the heading “Space Technology, Research, and Innovation”.

he first instructor-led certification training we will offer is “Blockchain Expert Certification Training” then follows “Blockchain Architect Certification Training”. Later on Cybersecurity Professional Certification. After “The Success Principles of Jack Canfield” and “The Space Entrepreneurship Training Program” come afterward. You are welcome to contact us for further information and if you have any special requests as to dates so we can take it into consideration. Drop us a line via LinkedIn or any of our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You can also use the form on the website. Check the contact details in the footer of the website. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Very soon we will upload at least one of our podcasts so check our website often.

As soon as we are ready, we will publish the dates of The Jack Canfield – Success Principles Coaching. We are actively involved with the community and we are working very hard.


The latest news is that we divided our big space innovative project into several small ones and that we have one person interested in working with us. We will be reaching out to Space companies for potential partnerships.

During January we have several international key business meetings. During 2019 we will focus on obtaining the necessary Trainer and Licensed Training Partner Certifications.


Dec. 16 – Summary: We have a new and very big innovative project. The meeting at the Science Park went very well. The course material for the Next-Gen of IT Training is delayed but we will be notified when it is available. We are looking into new partnerships that can join forces with us and that have a common goal. It is time to prepare for Christmas.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The gender and knowledge gap is finally solved by Veronica Chiaravalli! The innovation was registered officially in 2018 and very few people knew about this. Happy Christmas everybody! =)

December is an interesting month where the focus is on the execution of projects and obtention of results sooner than later. No more voluntary work, in other words, we are putting an end to unpaid (pro-bono) jobs and/or projects. We’ve been there, we’ve gone through the learning process, and it is time to move on. Our website was recently updated so the prices will have to be added after we work with marketing, etc. There is a very important meeting coming up with the Science Park and other meetings with strategic partners. It is also time to grow. It’s time for SPACE! Mars is in the view, we’ve been feeling it, we’ve been seeing it. We are getting closer…=) There is a special energy in the universe, and a special alignment too. There is so much humanity has to learn about the Universe. Our compass is showing the way, there is a great deal of amazing work to be done. It’s time now.


It has been several years of very hard work, without funding, nor investment, and where we only had the inspiration from Jack Canfield’s courses and entrepreneurial courses we have carefully chosen and taken. The knowledge we gained from our own research and the workshops we have given has proven very valuable. The research was conducted solely by Veronica. It is now that we seek partnerships to grow as a business and to become stronger together with other companies in this fast-evolving world where the challenges and problems are becoming bigger and bigger as time passes by. There are many things that set us apart from the rest of the people, and that are the tenacity, vision, research, complex problem-solving, and innovation skills which are unique! We started from scratch with a very big vision and we created our website with pictures that showed our vision and then through time we made the vision become true! We still have work to do and partnerships to create but a big part of the journey has been done and we are fulfilling our promises. We also want to thank our dear friend Staffan Söderlind who has always been by our side during these very tough years when we were fighting the gender and knowledge gap. Without him, nothing would have been possible. It is thanks to him that we are here today.

The launch of the Space Entrepreneurship Program, Veronica’s innovation, is taking place soon.

During the coming weeks, we have ongoing conversations regarding space projects and are looking for strategic partners.

On the 27th of November, we visited a co-working and events’ space in Östermalm which is very elegant and artistic. This is where we will have our business meetings with potential strategic partners and plan to have our events. We love the place!

We have a meeting coming up at the beginning of December with the Flemingberg Science Park to talk about the possibilities of getting their help to find strategic partnerships with other companies and we will also be looking for a lab to use in the near future.

The Next-Gen of IT course material will be in our hands soon, then we have an exam certification process, and after that, we have a concrete date when we will offer the training to our customers. We calculate that at the end of December or during January 2019 we are ready to offer the first certification training course from Next-Gen of IT. It will surely be online but we are also considering onsite training. You can already contact us if you are interested in the training. The material is confidential and more information about the course as soon as possible once we have some things in place.

Emerging Technology Sweden is targeting the gender gap in the Technology, Cloud Architecture, and Space areas. We have an innovation registered, another one on the way, and have had successful meetings with international companies during this month. So far we have partnerships in 3 countries besides Sweden.


International Business partnerships are on the way and also the base for the creation of  innovative and pioneering products.

JULY 2018

We are updating our website.

The services you can order today are coaching, keynote speaking, UX/UI design, and web design.


The business, marketing, and innovation plans for our innovation project are ready.

On the 14th of February 2018, we became a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).


We finished the website design project for the company Classic Thai Massage and have another B2B project in January 2018 for a restaurant.



You can now check our blog where we have collected important links to articles and videos about Space, Spaceflight, Women in Space, etc. This is a start. There will be more content asap. This is the link to the blog (which also appears in the footer): Blog