It is 5:50 am in Stockholm and it is snowing outside.
Before we take our morning coffee, we look at the marvelous video on ESA’s website. What beautiful music and imagery!

The goal for today is to have a rough copy of our book ready for our 4 pm meeting with the publishing success strategist. The book will have 45 pages approximately. The most important thing is to get started with the writing process, do the graphic design of the cover, get the book reviewed, and then self-publish it on Amazon.

Today we will upload our introductory podcast.

We might never have the pieces that we are missing in place and we are almost at the end of our transformational process and soon taking things to the level together with our mentors. Unfortunately, we will have to step it up with what we got and what we have learned so far before we get the help that we need.

Today’s quote is from Harv T. Eker: “Get ready, aim, shoot!”

I love that quote! It made me laugh a bit. Harv is a fantastic person that has gone through so much and that is why I picked him too.

It has been a journey where we solved everything with innovation from A to Z but there are still some missing pieces.

10:46 am: The Law of Attraction is working miracles today. =) Things are starting to happen and at the same time.

11:04 am: It is time to go out with cute little Raisa (my Siberian Husky).

The ideation process regarding the book is going really well. We will not spill the beans right now. =)

We will nevertheless say something amazing, when we were working with the pioneering innovation projects we felt the same speed. We noticed that when we work with Space, the speed increases. This is science now. Something that only the experts studying the mind, know better than we do. It can also be a mixture of enthusiasm and creative thinking.

Emerging Technologies Sweden was about solving one challenge and MSEI another. One was about the present and the other about the future but the future came very fast and now it is here.