• First we bring our expertise as Visionary Leaders at a time when the world needs good leadership (this is urgent because it is vital for survival and success). Offer our leadership to those working at the beginning of the innovation cycle who need to solve unresolved puzzles. Give World-Class Keynote Speeches.
  • Offer our expertise as Visionaries, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs to the Inventors/Innovators/Founders/Owners/StartUps by offering our services as Strategic Innovation Advisors, IN ORDER TO BRING BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATIONS AND TECHNOLOGIES TO MARKET (NECESSARY TO SOLVE GLOBAL CHALLENGES).
  • Offer 1-on-1 Online Coaching to Inventors/Entrepreneurs/Innovators/Founders/Owners. Use our superpowers to connect the dots (extraordinary vision).
  • Offer pioneering innovative training programs and our world-class speaking services as SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS.
  • Create the New Era of Human-Robot Interaction and Space Exploration. Most of all accelerate and remove barriers to entry (LEO, MEO, GEO, Interplanetary Exploration and Exploitation)!
  • Educate and empower people to reach financial freedom (our top priority!).
  • Offer to mentor (what people are going through is very emotional).
  • Find Space projects and offer creative & innovative solutions to global grand challenges that need an immediate solution.
  • Create a team to work collaboratively in the areas of pioneering innovation and research.
  • Offer fast and sustainable solutions with a clear understanding of the problems. Vision is crucial! (we got this one covered).
  • Raise awareness through our Space & Visionary Thought Leadership Blog and our participation in global events. Educate people about the importance of going to Space, anticipate disruption, and inform them about potential threats and future trends.
  • Create the Starship Culture! Create Civilization Type 1 (How we use Energy is very important and we need to start living today with new technologies that are not harmful to the environment.
  • Bring disruptive and powerful innovations to market with immediate effect. We are definitely looking forward to it.
  • Create new and highly inclusive Space careers and offer strategic advice and feedback. Everything we use today depends on Space Technologies (and that is why!).
  • Train people on key subjects: happiness, growth, abundance (the real abundance, not the one we have been seeing which is in reality scarcity), empathy, evolution, and more COVID Mentoring.
  • Offer World-Class Training, Speaking, and Coaching as Associates together with famous companies to boost massive growth and propel Humanity forward (we are bringing the best sales courses to you!).
  • Train youngsters in Robotics offering them the best and most modern online Robotics Courses with the latest technologies (WE BRING OUR EXPERTISE AS CROs, IIEC-CERT. IN ROBOTICS). We become Certified Robotics Educators at the beginning of April 2021.