• The lack of good leadership with an exponential and inclusive mindset that understands exponential, emerging, converging, and space technologies. (this is where our superpowers come in handy). Leaders lack the communication skills needed today due to denial, very slow action, and a broken communication with the scientific community (this has a huge impact).
  • Female Entrepreneurs/Innovators are either underpaid or not paid at all (this is an obstacle that impedes professional and personal growth. We are changing this mindset). Much too often people come to us for advice/work and then once they get it, they go cold turkey. So we learned the lesson and now we charge! 
  • Entrepreneurs do not understand that female entrepreneurs, also have an urgency in accomplishing their business goals (we keep seeing this lately and notice that it is at a subconscious level). 
  • Women are forever waiting for changes to be made. Luckily, no more (we took care of that problem big time!. We stepped up)!. The fear in today's mindset has to go! (luckily for you, fear is definitely not one of our problems! We are fearless!). 
  • Money is not, I repeat, not reaching the people. small and medium-size companies are disappearing, neither help nor money is reaching the Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and especially the Female Entrepreneurs and not everything is about an App (and that is the meat of the problem! That is us!).
  • The link is broken between business owners/innovators/entrepreneurs and the customer segments due to lack of sales skills plus the fact that many people are offering services for free (this is super important to fix and is a top priority! This is our pain).
  • Money is not, I repeat, not reaching the people. small and medium-size companies are disappearing, neither help nor money is reaching the Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and especially the Female Entrepreneurs and not everything is about an App (and that is the meat of the problem! That is us!).
  • The biggest problem is the expectation that people have, that others should be working for free and give their ideas/innovations away for free. This is a super-serious problem (and we know why!).
  • The impact of COVID-19 is one of the reasons (what we call a multidimensional problem).
  • Webinars and events are coming in so aggressively that the people working growth global challenges find it hard to navigate,  be seen, sell, and get to the pieces of the puzzle (we survived because this is our biggest area of expertise: puzzles).
  • Humanity has stagnated and there is a lack of passion (not for long, thanks to our superpowers!.
  • Not everybody likes to share, and this must be understood) which is killing the business owners/entrepreneurs/innovators who need revenue to build their businesses (this creates a lot of stress and is a very important issue that becomes a lethal combination: many huge health problems of all sorts in the middle of a global COVID-19 pandemic) while big companies are getting bigger, stronger, and are the only ones that thrive (the time has come to take immediate action and it has become one of our top priorities!).
  • There is a lack of mentoring that addresses problems businesses face today: sales strategy and reaching the customer segments fast (it's where the pain is. This is what we are going through but we found the right trainer and mentors. It is not easy since not everybody is a good fit. So, Entrepreneurs must take the time to look for the right fit!). Update: We found the right fit and decided on a business coach from Harv Eker International who will coach us. Then we will also have 2 trainers helping us in the near future from other multimillionaire companies. 
  • Lack of empathy and understanding of where the priorities are (people are focusing on false news instead, which is one of the super clever tactics of some other players out there!).
  • Lack of speed of execution: Global grand challenges should be addressed today!
  • The Space industry is too slow to create inclusive jobs which are key to boost the global economy. We need a totally different approach, speed, mindset, and culture in the world and in the Space industry.
  • Women are stuck in a system that is too slow and that offers very superficial and weak solutions that fail to reach the desired results (events do not cut it and that is why we are boosting massive growth and a change in the mindset).
  • When entrepreneurs explain the problems they are going through others do not understand the importance and urgency, and this is very emotional and especially frustrating (which creates even more stress!). This one is today a vicious circle that requires an urgent solution: fixing the broken links!
  • The educational system has a huge gap and youngsters do not get the level of education in STEAM that they need this is the generation that will go to Mars, the Moon, and Beyond! It's part of our mission to educate them.

Thanks to our extraordinary vision, expertise, exponential mindset, exponential speed, and expertise with disruptive technologies, New Space, and Social and Technological global impact, we bring great value.

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