We are preparing the packages that are included in the coaching program we are offering to 5-star and 6-star clients in the Space niche.

So today the focus is on getting this done and then on key webinars we have with a coach that works precisely with 5-star clients. So today we have one coach and tomorrow another. And then we have Harv T. Eker. It will have to be more than one step since we got to solve this stage that will take us to the next one.

We are on the path now.

The questions we will be focusing on are:

Where does it hurt?

Where does it hurt really badly?

What are the results we offer you?

What are the prices?

How do you prefer that we deliver the training? Via Skype? Zoom? Hangouts? Or some other new technology?

What are the topics that most interest you?

What are your challenges?

What are your goals?

What do you want to achieve in life?

This is where it starts. You have to know who you are and where you are going.

It might be that we will have to change the form of our coaching and offer onsite in the center of Stockholm as well. We’ll see. We prefer online. There is some investigation to do. =)

Another thing that is very clear since yesterday: We can help more from a position of power. Remember that we are solving 2 global challenges, not one. Marketing has taken a lot of our time and this is another issue we will solve. Our time should be more on solving problems, working with the people, and delivering value. We also love to learn on an ongoing basis and there are programs that we have decided to finish.

We have a mission and we will carry it out.

The world is not at a standstill. We are moving at an accelerated speed and unexpected changes are happening in the global markets. This requires us to pay very much attention to where the impact will be.