The world is moving exponentially now. These are the changes that were about to take place in 2016 but didn’t. They are in reality delayed.

This is good news because especially the women needed this to happen in order to have exponential growth and be able to have the same opportunities as everybody else has.

This comes also with a warning: there will be many other circumstances that will be neither black nor white and that will require a lot of vision and understanding as we move into a more complex and rapid world.

We could have helped you a lot more already several years ago if you had given us a chance, but you turned us down a million times. All this due to the wrong mindset, the biased recruitment tools, and the wrong understanding of the situation and the needs.

We have talents as everybody else does but our talents have more to do with this exponential world that we live in today, a very complex one.

We will be moving ahead regardless of the blindness around us.