Focus is very important and especially in the times that we live in.

Our focus is on 3 things right now:

  1. Preparing ourselves for the exam that will give us the credentials as an Instructor. We are already working on this and will do the exam asap.
  2. Finding international strategic partners and collaborators in the Space industry. We already have meetings booked and taking place from the 26th of June. Furthermore, we will be focusing on open-minded companies that are inclusive.
    We had a beautiful meeting. These are the things we should be working with because we just love it! =)
  3. Getting customers and closing sales. We are working with this on an ongoing basis trying different strategies, doing marketing daily, and looking for help with sales. We do not expect to get help any time soon so we are preparing ourselves to become very good in this area. We already see a growing need in the international markets. We read an article today showing that even Google had unexpected results in their sales regarding ads.
  4. We have another important meeting on Monday with another international company regarding our technology articles. We started writing articles on emerging technologies during our executive studies but now we will offer them as part of our business model.
  5. At the end of June and the beginning of July, we finalize all remaining details and become 200% resilient! In short, we have very intensive days ahead of us. All of these points are very important.