Nowadays disruption is everywhere and we see how new business models arise, and the way we work is continuously changing.

Nevertheless, it is important to start thinking right away how we are going to protect our innovative ideas from them ending up in a database where big companies, for example, can take them and monetize on them.

How are we going to protect our data? How are we going to protect our innovative ideas?

It is time that the money goes back to the people. If we continue like this we’ll end up with a lot of companies selling products but no buyers, since there is no money to buy products and services. Or we’ll end up with machines taking our ideas and who knows what the end product will be.

The focus should not be solely on innovating, but on making sure that the end goal is good. Is it positive or negative for everybody? Does it create jobs and business opportunities? Does it respect the creator?

This is why vision is so important and it is one of our value propositions. In a world that moves at an accelerated pace, with increasing complexity, with unknown challenges, and quick changes with global impact, the vision is more important than ever before. Time is becoming more important, too.

The ability to act fast is crucial but without vision, the errors can be devastating.

If we can name one thing that the world has to work on now is: trust.

We have an important mission. It is up to you if you want to trust us or not. One thing is for sure: you will need us. It is time that you start realizing this.

We hope that the “kind of blindness” that has been present finally fades away because more challenges are on the way.