The time for the US elections is very near. Our wish is that people make the right decision. We have given our advice in our previous posts.

The impact of COVID is still increasing and so it is no wonder that we also joined the fight against it. It was unexpected but it matches our MTP. We are moving very fast with this and soon we are assigned projects. This has taken us on a new road but we were already very interested in health when we added longevity to our business culture.

The 23rd Annual Internation Mars Society Convention was very inspiring and important. We are happy that at last there is unity in the world. This is something we already noticed before the convention and we even wrote about it in our previous posts.

Leadership has been failing for quite a while now in the world. We also noticed this and even knew about an upcoming impact already 6 years ago.

We will fight the COVID-19 virus and we will succeed. This is not the first virus the world has had.

We take today an exponential jump forward!

The takeaway is the following:

You never know who will have the solution to the global problems, which needs will arise, and so on.

You have to be inclusive. This is a very complex world we live in that moves at an accelerating speed. All gaps must be avoided and taken care of immediately.

Leadership is a super important role too and it has another dimension in today’s world. Leaders must put people in focus and have a clear awareness of the world around them. There is no time nor place for selfishness.

In this new world, even money has another meaning. There will be times when there will not be the means to fight back and problems will have to be solved fast anyway. So remember this.

We know where the errors are and why we have come to this point.

Anyway, there is a lot of love in the world and we have come together. Now we just have to focus on the problems that matter and move fast. There will be many many changes. And for this new world, there are other skills that are required to succeed.