The US presidential elections are near and we are watching closely on how things evolve

We have come to the conclusion that people have to become more aware of good values and what democracy means.

This is the case when we are talking about global leadership and the impact that people’s decisions will have on the world.

So for the purpose of helping out, we share an example of a course that you can look at:

There other courses on Democracy. We invite you to do your own search and selection.

Then we recommend that you do the course, observe how the candidates act, communicate, and what are their values. Understand what is happening in the world and what are the needs, problems, and solutions. Pay also attention to the problems we have been seeing like violence, denial, and more.

This is important.

You can have the best technologies in the world with the best expertise but if you are not able to make the right decisions that have a positive global impact, then you cannot grow.

Empathy is super important and the need to understand what is happening around you. Good leaders inspire, help people grow, and collaborate with other nations. The messages have to be clear and followed by action.

We must move towards equality, justice, empathy, action, good values, and more. Messages should be filled with love and should inspire nations to become better.

Go back to the values and the concepts. Revisit them.

Too much importance has been put on the technologies and less on the people. Both are equally important, but it is the people that decide on the leaders. There is an enormous gap here. Education plays a vital role but also the importance of understanding the world around you.

Written by Space Entrepreneur & Visionary Leader Veronica Chiaravalli