The COVID global pandemic is scary and the greatest worry is created by the following crucial points together:

  • The global peace treaties terminated
  • The withdrawing of the United States from WHO
  • The lack of an effective system and fast execution
  • The lives lost and the people affected on an ongoing basis and exponentially
  • The increasing violence
  • The attitude of being in denial
  • False news now even at other levels (pretty scary)

It is time to be very honest and become aware of this. It is also time to find better leadership right away.

People must learn to make better decisions when they choose future leaders.

This is our world, let us all take care of it.

We know that better times are coming and that it is only a question of time, but it is sad to see the blindness in the decision-makers. How long will this go on? All lives matter.

It is clear as water now, and we do not need to go into detail.

We write this as a response to the speech we just saw from WHO and we totally agree with what was said. In fact, we’ve been warning the world about this for several years now.