We’ve seen the happiness of the American people celebrating the victory of Joe Biden as the 46th US President.

There is no way anybody can deny this! The people have spoken with their votes and their actions not only during the elections but a lot earlier than that.

The celebrations took place all around the world.

Kamala’s Speech:

Joe Biden’s speech:

The full speeches on YouTube:

Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden know how to connect with the people. Their speeches were very powerful and it put forward the people!

They brought back the soul of America.

These are the values that we want to see more and more in all the leaders.

Now, this is a very diverse world that we have. The changes are already here.

We see a lot of diversity and changes.

The reality is that the world that we live in today is a very different one that has multiple global challenges. Without empathy, nor understanding of the problems at hand, nor good communication skills, it is impossible to succeed as a leader.

Joe Biden went through many tough times during his life and he lost love ones. He knows what it means.

At a time when the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and companies and peoples are suffering a lot, empathy is top on the list. Denial is not the solution the world needs today.

We are also living longer and we have many generations joining the workforce. Many generations are also trying to enter it. This needs a very different kind of thinking, one that accepts differences and can speak and connect with the people.

This is a reality that all leaders must accept, the reality of the world we live in today, and that changes must take place soonest possible.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are already working on solving COVID-19 and many things will take place already tomorrow November 9th.

Furthermore, 4 years from today we will also have an entirely different situation and by then, we will have made much more progress with equality and other issues so it will be super difficult for Mr. T. to get another term, even harder than today. And the resistance he would face would be overwhelming and shocking! And our advice to him would be then: “Head for the hills.!! =) In short, the likelihood of Mr. T. succeeding with a comeback in 2024 is practically zero and we want to be 200% clear about this.

To Mr. T. we have only one thing to say: “Enough, is enough!”