The mission of a company is more important than people think. It is driven usually by a personal experience that the Founder or Founders have gone through. It is usually a big challenge and they create their companies to solve this.

This year has been very challenging since there was some construction work done in our home office and with all the stress and trouble that it entails. Nevertheless, we had to get things done.

The reason why we created the company was to solve the gaps between exponential technologies and people. The equality gap is one, the knowledge gap is another, and then the gaps in the Space industry.

We have the first-hand experience of the systems that are in place today that do not work and how it can affect lives especially those of women trying to break into the tech industry. These systems are still in place, and the mindset has not changed yet which means that it is not a question of having many certification courses. We must clarify that even though we have not been treated nicely and for many many years, we do not feel hatred towards people. Our love for humanity is too strong. We’ve evolved and we are not at the same place that we were when we started this journey. We are raw sometimes, but we mean well.

The ability that we have to go deep into research, innovation, and execution are way beyond your understanding. This is coupled with leadership and vision. We are also Humanists and Futurists. This is who we are.

The force of a visionary leader fighting for Humanity and solving the gaps is what it is about.

We can tell you today, without any doubt that the world was in deep danger. Fortunately, it is on the right path now. We saw this coming several years ago and shared our findings.

Nevertheless, there are still problems to work on in the world, and that has not been taken care of for many years. There has to be unity and we have to work harder on changing the systems in place which have caused a global gender gap and other global problems. We have to get rid of age, gender, and race discrimination. These are very big social problems.

In short, we have to work on creating a better world that is inclusive. A world where youngsters and elders have an active part and get paid for their services. Not only that they get paid but that they are also recognized for their work and expertise.

We took this challenge based on what we have gone through over the years.

The world is transitioning into better leadership and communication but there is a lot to do and it will require everybody’s help. Without vision, it is impossible to strive in this exponential and complex world. You missed this very important detail.

With all this having said, we have good news:

  1. We finally have our Mentor from the Space industry and our upcoming meeting is confirmed. It is a woman and with many many many many and MANY years of expertise. She is renowned in the Space industry. We are looking forward to our first meeting. What does this mean? It means that we finally get the help that we need.
  2. We finalized other certification courses but have put them neither on our website nor on our CV. There is simply no space left on the required 2-page CV (another reason why the CV system has to go and it is outdated). But it does not matter any longer.
  3. We will enter the market with our training courses and other work which will target the Space industry but in a different way.

We will move all the forces of nature if it is necessary, but we will get the job done!

Furthermore, if we would encounter life on other planets, an alien, it would be at least 300 civilizations ahead of us. None of the technologies we have on Earth would be able to match their knowledge nor expertise. None of the AIs we have today could help us. And if by chance, we had gotten hold of alien technology and reengineered it, which we wouldn’t be surprised if it has already been done, we still would not be able to handle the situation. It takes a whole lot of vision, understanding, and other skills. It’s a tremendous upgrade for the human mind. Most probably with time, we will become superhumans.

What we mean by saying this is that Technology alone is not the solution and it is time that the world understands it. Yes, we do have everything we need to succeed but the systems that we have in place are the cause of the problems that we have. That is one part of the story.

The world was heading for disaster at an exponential speed and the people that could have helped you were unable to reach you 100%. These people are blocked from reaching you due to these systems. You are missing on the talent big time! There is a mismatch.

Rethink your systems. Rethink your way of thinking.

We do not have the time for false news. Our time should be spent on personal and professional development. It should be spent to build a life of happiness. We should fill our minds with things that enlighten us, teaches us valuable things, gives us the tools we need in order to succeed in this ever-changing world of exponential and emerging technologies where speed keeps increasing and also the challenges. False news is like cancer.

False news is created by people that distract the world from what is important so they can carry out their selfish goals that have nothing to do with the needs of the people. These minds that are behind only care about power and money. There is no empathy there nor honesty. You have been manipulated in a very clever way. This danger is not totally solved. It will come back and it will keep trying again. These clever minds know which buttons to push, when, where, and how. And they think that creating chaos is the way to go. Chaos is like a boomerang, it will very quickly and easily get out of control and will come back to those that created it and will make them lose everything they have. Chaos is not the solution to anything at all. The presence of chaos in the exponential world that we have today could be lethal. We already have our hands full with keeping up with the pace of technology, etc.

It was done with a lot of mastery but these people got super sloppy. It takes one master to know another.

It’s not the scenes of violence that you’ve seen on tv and in the newspapers, that is the problem. It’s what’s behind the scenes. It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see. What you have seen is nothing but an effect, a materialization, of what has been happening behind the scenes. The problem starts somewhere else. These are the causes, the triggers.

There is one thing stronger than chaos, that is love. Love is what gets to people’s hearts. This is what won this time. Never forget the people. We hope and look forward to more cases like these, more successes, more positive leadership, and so on.

We’ve seen the best representation of love and how powerful this is.

We live in a world with many gaps and it is more important than ever before to have the right people in the right positions regardless of race, age, and gender. In case of an emergency, they will know what to do. Unfortunately, we do not have this in place today. The world’s understanding of the priorities, etc. is outdated. People have the wrong mindset and we ran out of time now, the changes must take place right away! They started but not everywhere.

But we got good news for you: the changes are in motion since yesterday. We are coming and we are passing through.

When you get rid of the wrong mindset and give people an equal chance you will be on the way towards success! The ones that will save your neck, are not the ones you think. And we have already seen the proof of this. These are the changes that have been delayed but that were vital to success. We were lucky! These people had to enter the scene super fast, and they did!

We will pass you by and carry out our mission. We simply do not have the time any longer. One thing is for sure! It’s over! Continue sailing =)

Even though we do not have all the right people in place today, when emergency situations arise, you will know who these people are. It was a very close call. You do not understand how much! It’s cases like these that bring forward the leaders and people come together in the most remarkable way.

This is what you should understand. You might have a business to run and you have challenges to solve. You need to get to the right people and very fast! It’s crucial. Let go of the nonsense.

We have now a window of opportunity. We must move fast and make sure that things do not get out of control. In short, we should focus on uniting, not dividing. Divided, you are weaker, not stronger.

You have been asleep and in a very special kind of blindness. A very dangerous one. You did not understand the danger ahead of you nor the impact. Why do we keep repeating this? Because we might still be learning, but we can see the danger before it arrives with the eye of an eagle! What does this mean? We do not know. This is what we have to find out! We have the feeling that we are not yet in the right place, or at least not entirely.

The mind is more powerful than you think. This has nothing to do with age, nor race, nor gender. Why do we say this? To make you understand that you have the ability to succeed!

We finalize this article by saying that we have zero tolerance towards discrimination. We mention this because, we’re going to set the limits, and we will bring the changes.

Today we close this chapter of this book and start another book and chapter. This book will focus on our new life.

Never underestimate the power of a Visionary Leader!