We have a very long list of reasons why the way companies recruit people today has not been working for several years in an effective manner.

It is a complete disaster! Unfortunately, women are the ones that have the worst experience.

The CV requirement does not meet the needs of today nor tomorrow. This is an example where automation is worst.

We are one of the groups that have been hit very hard for many many years by this, by the wrong mindset of companies, and biased systems.

Furthermore, we do not agree that our ideas should be shared openly for anybody to take. Even though it is the latest trend, it does not fit all of us and all the cases.

Pioneering innovation is not about posting ideas for free for companies that have all the resources and capital to take and exploit it.

Women have not had all the fair opportunities for years, so we will build companies and defend our ideas.

The world is changing at an exponential speed and even more in the Space industry.

The world will be hit very hard because of the wrong decisions made by big companies for years. Companies that think they know it all, but in reality, they don’t.

We see this coming and we are preparing for these times ahead. But we do not follow the same mindset! We’re not here to carry out the same old story.

We will persevere until we succeed!

We were not born yesterday.

The times call for immediate change. The question is: Will you be able to make it happen?

This is wrong and you know it! By the time you wake up, the speed of innovation will be too fast. You will have neither the expertise at hand, nor the solutions, nor the technologies, etc. And all this is because of the automated and biased systems that left key people out of the picture for years.

Yes, now and then we stop to think about the ridiculous situation.