We still think Biden will win.

Nevertheless, we are beginning to see some worrying events. It’s getting ugly. Really ugly!

The worst thing that can happen to the world is that Trump is re-elected. This is our honest opinion.

The world needs a leader that is honest, cares about the people and the world. The world is screaming out for a leader that cares about climate change and believes in an honest transition of power. A leader that has vision, something that many global leaders lack today.!

But the people are also to blame for this because they were not able to make the right decision.

This is what happens when the world puts its focus on technologies. The people have been left aside. When they have to collaborate with their vote, they just do not care about who wins or loses. Their opinion of what is right and what is wrong is blurry.

This blurriness is very serious. It has an impact on the world.

The violence we have been seeing on the tv and reading on the news is just a consequence of all this.

The question is: How come things have gone so far?

There are many things that will never be solved by technologies. One of them is leadership. Good leadership is failing and it has been failing for a long time all around the world. Some leaders should let go by now. Their ideals are not followed by these new generations. They will not survive.

Times are changing at an exponential speed.

We are sorry to say this but even a teenager with some common sense can do a better job!

It’s an embarrassment that people can be driven like marionettes and cannot discern right from wrong. What have they learned from history?

Is history repeating itself?

We do not want to say it out loud because it is pretty scary, but you can imagine our thoughts by now.

We might end up with robots making decisions instead of leaders. We hope we do not get there but things are being carried out so wrongly, so badly, etc. And the speed is increasing.

The changes have to be made now, right away.

Wake up America! Wake up fast! That’s a false preacher you have over there. It is quite simple, a good leader cares about the people and the world. He/she cares about climate change, about keeping people healthy, and about respecting other leaders. Most of all, he/she cares about peace in the world and justice. Manipulation and false news is not the way to go. This is a complex world, and it needs a leader that can make the right decisions and keep people safe!

With Biden, America will return to the world stage as a true leader.

We are all tired of the violence we’ve been seeing all these years. We’ve also seen how people have lost their jobs, and many lives were also lost. All this could have been avoided with good leadership, the right decisions, quick action, effective strategic plans, and collaborations. Leaving WHO was a very bad decision at a time when the world needs help the most. No, it’s not a democracy that is on the way if Trump wins. We are sorry to say this, but it’s true.