This message goes most of all to the global leaders.

“A good leader is the one that cares about the world and its people, ensuring that everybody is safe, in good health, and that they have everything they need. ”

Do not let anybody nor anything, tell you otherwise.

It’s time to plan ahead because we have a lot of work to do. In short, we will have to rebuild what is being taken away or destroyed.

For example, to succeed with the fight against COVID we must:

  • Leave the ego aside.
  • Put all the facts on the table and listen especially to the experts.
  • Work together especially with WHO.
  • Be honest with the people. Tell them the truth.

It is important to be aware of the seriousness of the situation. We are adding important links below. Listen and read.

Does it still sound to you like it is time to send the children back to school?

This is what we have to do. Furthermore, there are 2 alternatives:

1) Either wear the mask now while the vaccine is being created

2) Wear the mask for years because you did not take the precautions when you had to, and the situation due to the virus went out of control.

At this point, we should listen to absolutely everything the experts have to tell us! Listen and respect.

This is no time for nonsense, nor delays. It is an emergency situation.

Get it done now! People are dying around us. Wake up!

We do not believe it’s time to go back to work or school. On the contrary, we believe that more work to cure the virus has to be done first.

Let’s stick to the facts now. It’s the best way to go about it.