Now and then, we like to share our views of the world.

The message is as follows: The people have awakened. It is a different story now, believe me!

Nevertheless, we all have to be ready for two factors which are part of our lives: 1) The unknown 2) The unexpected or surprise factor.

Stay focused.

Come together.

There is a very important decision to be made. This is something to reflect on very carefully. Our advice is that you think about: the planet, the climate, the people, the animals, the values, the present, the past, and the future. Think also about: health, honesty, and leadership. But, most of all think about the kids and future generations. We want the best for them and this requires work.

So let’s think less about ourselves, and more about the world around us. Our decisions have more impact on the world than before.

And for those that wonder if it is the right time for Mars and the Moon, the answer is YES! The time is right for space exploration. So, Humanity, it’s time to go! Get ready for the journeys ahead!

The tempo in the Space industry is super, super fast. For those that have just awakened, it will take you all by surprise. You will feel the energy and speed.

I believe we will overcome all the challenges. Our technologies keep getting faster and better. But, what the world has not understood is that it is THE PEOPLE we should focus on. The technologies are secondary.

You can have the best technologies in the world, but if you have chaos all around you, and the people are angry, sad, sick, and facing all types of problems, you will not succeed with your ventures. No business can thrive in an environment like that.

People are top priority number one. Furthermore, in the context of exponential technologies, everything has another dimension.

The pandemic is more than just a pandemic, it’s a wake-up call. It’s a time for reflection, and a time to get the priorities right. It’s time for changes.

It’s a time for change toward a healthier life, a life of happiness, a life of growth, and a life where we all move forward together, as one.

Keep moving forward!