We are disrupting the systems and mindsets that are keeping Humanity from moving forward.

New systems will be effective very fast globally that will solve the unemployment problem.

Furthermore, our other innovations are taking place also with immediate effect!. Plus our focus is pioneering innovation as you might already have noticed. So, no, we are not going for a 10% improvement of course. We don’t do 10%, we’re much more ambitious than that.

This fight we will take without frontiers, without borders. We call it a fight but in reality, we are not fighting, we are taking action and applying innovations.

We respect that others have other ways of doing business, selecting personnel, etc. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the gaps we have today is thanks to their ways of doing things. That is why we are disrupting it.

We do not talk, we do!

With this said, notice that the world is now divided between The Old World and The New World. We represent The New World, this is the one we are building, one which has Humanity at the center, one which has Humanity top priority on the list. The way it should be, to be honest.

So for This New World, technology is here to complement us, augment us, help us, and collaborate with us. It’s here to make our lives more fun!

The crazy, autodestructive mindsets of The Old World, we are not a part of. Sorry. Try somewhere else. =) By the looks of it, things are getting pretty out of hand to the point that we have to give you a piece of advice already now: Embrace yourselves! Head for the hills BIG TIME! It’s coming from all directions now. You’ll be coming to us for help.

You can bet we are taking off the bigfoot that has been stepping on us for ages. We will not tolerate this any longer. The gaps in these times we are living are lethal!

You can be absolutely sure that we will be helping the entrepreneurs, especially the female entrepreneurs, that are being left behind all the time.

When innovations do not come out into the market because of the wrong mindsets, lack of help, and biased systems, the situation has gone too far, it just has to go, and it WILL GO. Especially if these innovations have to do with solving global grand challenges. Just imagine where we would be today and the improvements had already taken place.

The gender gap and knowledge gap are things that should have been solved a long time ago. And the unemployment issue should also have been solved a long time ago. When companies care more about technologies than people, it is a big warning sign for everyone. Taking this into account plus all the effects of panic, fear, stress, paranoia, and so on, that this wrong direction creates, it’s even worst. Creating a world where people are sick and helpless is definitely not the way to go. It is a clear sign of a lack of leadership, vision, and more.

Furthermore, we believe that the pandemic was not an accident but we will not be pointing any fingers. We have another theory from where this is coming from. We let things take its course and we believe in a higher power which most probably will come down with full force any time. We are just observers looking at the situation that is evolving.

We are already experiencing the effects of this wrong direction especially the lack of trust among the people which makes things harder for businesses to sell their products. Small business owners have a hard time growing their businesses. The systems that we have today are just not working for a whole lot of people and a whole lot of reasons. The effects are not seen with the naked eye but we do not fail to notice.

But do not take our post as something negative. We just want to raise awareness and give hope and love to the world! We just want to tell you that we have a New World. It is a process that is already in motion.

It is a sunny day here and we are heading out to buy our breakfast and getting ready to work.

11.31 am. All of a sudden it is a rainy day.

6.22 pm. It’s sunny again. We’re moving fast.