The fight against the Coronavirus global pandemic has now increased! As you might already know the COVID-19 is growing exponentially and on a daily basis so we really need to act fast.

President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris created a task force to fight the pandemic and there are also other executive orders that take place today.

Global leaders have congratulated Joe Biden for becoming the 46th US President.

There is going to be a 360-degree turn like we have been telling you before.

Now, we studied the COVID-19 pandemic and know how serious it is to not follow the guidelines advised by WHO (World Health Organization).

Even the military is joining the fight against the pandemic in other countries.

The pandemic is not only a health threat but also a huge economic impact!

Therefore, we all must wake up to this reality and take action. We will be 200% clear: This is not the time to delay action, nor to create trouble! We are fighting to save lives and the global economy.

We also want to say that false news has to be stopped once and for all. We’ve seen unjustified and dangerous messages being spread on social media and know that companies like Facebook and Twitter have taken the corresponding action. We also know there is another social media channel opened in 2018 where these people that are spreading false news also hang out. This is a big concern! Especially considering the violence we have seen on tv and read about on the newspapers.

Furthermore, we encourage global leaders to address false news and draw a strategic plan with immediate action.

It is sad to see that certain people use this pandemic and other situations to seed doubt in the minds of the people only for their own selfish goals. This is a very serious matter that we do not and never will support! The world should have learned by now what these things lead to. There is no need for repetition.

We want violence and false news OUT OF THE PICTURE!

This is an opportunity for the world to sit down and talk and overcome differences. It’s an opportunity for collaboration and peace for the benefit of all. Take advantage of it! Come forward in representation of Humanity!


Biden unveils Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board to ‘help shape’ approach to coronavirus pandemic: