We see that it will not be a smooth and honest transition of power when the US elections take place. So our advice is that you strengthen the security measures from the inside and the outside.

The system should have been improved a long time ago so that candidates that do not fight for peace, global health, equality, and climate are not accepted as candidates. This would ensure that the world is in safety.

The only way to stop the COVID-19 pandemic is with a good strategic plan, collaboration, education, and understanding. A good leader does not ask you to jump out of the window. A good leader tells you the truth and makes sure that you have all the help you need at hand. Denial and false news are two very dangerous things that we have seen these years.

Plus a good leader does not cheer people to create trouble and violence. Furthermore, we hope that next time Biden has the security police following to make sure that he and his people are safe.

The fact that these things are happening is a signal that there is no respect towards the people. Furthermore, there has never been a straight yes or no when Trump was asked if he would respect a peaceful transition of power.

A leader that does not respect the decision of the people, should not represent the people.

It’s clear that Mr. T. is there for the power, not for the people. Another term would mean more chaos for the country and the world. Considering the situation that we have today with the global pandemic, the economic problems, division, violence, and climate change, another term with Mr. T. would be the worst-case scenario.

So, our advice to the people is that you forget about which party you represent and “come together as one” to vote for a good leader which is in our view, Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris are a good team. They are the people that will bring law and order and make sure that the people are taken care of. They will ensure peace in the world. It’s a good base for growth.

This is a test, a test for the people.

Let’s summarize it:

It has been 4 years of neverending scandals and chaos. When you see people dropping dead from COVID-19, companies having to close, people being evicted, and an increase in violence coming from the police, it should be enough for you to understand that this is not the leadership that the world nor any country needs. These 4 years should have been used to help the people and the global economy. Bad decisions started with the wrong selection of people as well. It is a sign that things are not taken seriously. And if we add all the dirty tricks, the false news, the lack of respect towards women, minorities, etc. it’s even worst. The fact that the money goes to the churches when people are sick, dying, and being evicted is also a sign of a lack of priorities.

You cannot be blind to this. We are talking about real people. The fact that we have the World Health Organization to help us out and a leader that turns the help away is another sign that things are not taken care of seriously. It’s ridiculous. We hope this nonsense ends now with the US elections and that the people open up their eyes to reality.

We have been wondering for several years now on which side is Mr. T on. Up to now, all he has done has not been for the benefit of the US nor the world.

So we hope that the right decision is made because the US might be on its way to lose its position as a global leader. It’s time to wake up!