Today our message goes to the world:

The changes are here. This is an inclusive world! It’s a great time in history.

Get ready for a 360-degree turn because now we will fight this coronavirus together and we will win! Climate change will be tackled finally! Youngsters: relax!
For the women: You have an important place.
For the elders: The world is becoming more inclusive for the part of the population that is living longer. This has to be solved so when they look for a job they are not turned down because of their age. The mindset has to be changed super fast!
For the scientists: You will be heard and there will be more collaboration, responsibility, and understanding of the situations at hand.

The speed has increased once again and in many sectors! It’s time for action.

And we want to share the powerful speech from the new leader Mr. Joe Biden who is very dear to us together with Vice President Kamala Harris who will play a very important role and make history together with Joe Biden! This is a huge moment for women all around the world and also a fight in the right direction towards democracy, equal rights, climate change, global health, and more.

And even though the votes are still being counted, we already know the winner.

It’s important that all the votes are counted because it’s fair and we need to know the truth of what is happening and what the people really want, etc.

There has been a lot of noise and at the same time a whole lot of things happening which was leading the world towards division, at a time when we need to work together more than ever before. It has been very emotional and there is a lot to heal but with time, fast action, and love we will succeed.