Today will be a very intensive day since we will be watching the conference given by motivational leaders, big names like Les Brown. These motivators will talk about the power of positivity and the “can do” attitude. We are part of the Founders Circle since 2 days ago.

We will also be tuning into another conference with Sonia Ricotti (in 7 hours), author of “Unsinkable” where there will be other speakers as well.

Our upcoming webinar “The Growth Mindset” is taking more shape as we come up with more ideas and we set the date for next Saturday to give people time to register. There is a feeling of urgency, an increase in speed, and also more clarity.

Today we will be doing some administrative and creative work and have a lot to accomplish.

The most important goal is to break barriers and get to the people to help them on their journey. Since we wrote the last part of our article about Women in the Game Industry, we made decisions, and we’ve seen how the world responded.

We are at the implementation and innovation stage and at the same time we are becoming more digital, faster, and determined.

Yesterday we’ve been listening to “The Future Is Faster Than You Think” and it is an amazing audiobook. We started reading the book but switched to the audiobook.

It has been a week of meetings with business owners from Canada and the US and we also spoke to entrepreneurs that are changing the way people sell and experience the art of selling. And the world keeps on moving faster and faster.

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It’s 1.27 pm in Stockholm. We have an announcement: Our webinar will be called “Innovation and The Growth Mindset Masterclass”. And it will be a sample of our Innovation Masterclass Series from a Visionary and Exponential Perspective! YES! =)