We are proud to confirm that we have solved the “the gender and knowledge gap” which is one of the worldwide challenges with all the bells and wistles! And let this be a lesson from now on: it was a very big miss! And once again we see how Exo’s are missing a very important ingredient. This ExO was missing many ingredients almost all of them, but it represents: THE GAP in itself, the gap in an exponential innovation curve like you’ve never seen before and at a very special period of time: the 4th Industrial Revolution. There are many mistakes in the system and false beliefs. I want you to take some minutes to think: Who are the ones at the beginning of the innovation cycle? Don’t answer. Just think! Big miss right? =D!
Stay with us and be part of our amazing journey because we are here to change the lives of many many many people and for the better! And now it is more than a big vision, it’s a REALITY!
We take this opportunity to thank our dear friends, our followers, our mentors/gurus, and our potential partners (present and future ones which are on the way), and all the people that have been supporting us since the beginning. We would not have been able to make it without you!!! Staffan Söderlind, I would not have made it without your friendship and support.
We’re entering now, at a time when the world has so many problems and challenges! This is our vision and our mission! All the pieces of the puzzle have been solved. And for the new puzzles to solve: we will have the necessary tools, guidings, etc. that we will need because we are on a path and the right people are there to guide us and they have many years of experience. There is a lot of positive energy in the air. Feel it, believe in it.