Campfire charts new path with turnkey AR/VR solution for collaboration

One of the most amazing things about AR and VR is that it has made the design process more exciting and it has given Designers the tools to collaborate remotely.

This is one of the reasons why remote work is growing exponentially.

‘By focusing on specific needs for design and engineering, Campfire has reimagined the entire stack to deliver an experience that takes a giant step toward the vision—and more importantly enables a giant step in productivity’


➨ Campfire emerges from stealth after raising $8 million in seed capital from OTV, Kli Capital, Tuesday Capital and other investors
➨ The startup has developed a new augmented and virtual reality headset, plus a central console and a peripheral that turns a smartphone into a controller, as well as two software apps
➨ Pricing isn’t currently available, but Campfire says everything will be available on a subscription basis


Source: VRWorldTech