MSEI stands for Multiplanetary Space Exploration and Innovation and it was founded by Veronica Chiaravalli (Emerging Technologies Sweden). MSEI works with small-scale projects like orbital adventures, human and robotic space explorations, lunar robotic mission explorations, Mars robotic mission explorations, future exploration activities and its challenges, innovative educational programs, spaceflight projects, new horizons, creation of new markets and services (LEO – Low Earth Orbit and beyond), and voyages to Mars. These are areas which require a lot of vision, innovation, research, hard work, resilience, and a smart approach that takes into account the economics of Space, the speed of the emerging and exponential technologies, their impact, and the multidimensional complexity of these endeavors.

We are updating our website on an ongoing basis since we are now working in the emerging space area. MSEI is a product of our studies (our second global challenge). Remember we announced 2 right from the beginning. Since space is growing very fast and the huge impact will soon be seen, we decided to create a section here where our work can be seen in a clearer way.

We are transitioning and have to redefine things. Thanks to the fact that we solved the gender and knowledge gap, the new challenges which are already here, will be able to be handled in a better way. We have the solutions, the strategic partners, and we will be focusing on the customers.   

MSEI was created with all the love in the world for humanity and the amazing emerging and exponential technologies. The focus is not only on the challenges but also on the opportunities. We see the emerging Space and space exploration as a very important part of the future of humanity, a step that must be taken without fear and with the strong belief in ourselves and that we will succeed. Humans are amazing and I am sure that the day is very near when we will understand more about our roots, the time when the world was created. We are without any doubt explorers, it is in our genes. We do not understand this yet, but it will become clear very soon. The future is already here and it is unfolding exponentially in many directions, so fast, so amazingly. You do not comprehend how our lives will be changing very fast. Very soon flying cars like the ones we’ve seen in the movie “The Fifth Element” will be outside of our windows. These cars have many colors and are very fast. 

We truly believe that the solutions are already here like pieces of a puzzle. It’s our mission to put these pieces together and establish a sustainable and successful space exploration. If you are amazed by the emerging and exponential technologies and their speed, then you have not seen anything yet! These space technologies on the way are far more faster than you can ever imagine and their impact is far more powerful. Are you ready? We sure are!!!



We have started reaching out to potential partners from the 20th of November 2019 and have important ongoing meetings. We are very very passionate about Space and its challenges. An international cooperation is key to success. The future is here, right now.

We have a very large community on Facebook that is growing very fast at a daily basis: MULTIPLANETARYX

MSEI includes Veronica Chiaravalli’s pioneering Space Entrepreneurship Training program. Veronica is available for professional speaking engagements for the Emerging Space industry, business collaborations, and pioneering innovation projects. 

December 2019 is a very intensive month for us. Our daily work is done from our home office and we have a big tapestry of Buzz Aldrin hanging on our wall keeping us company. His spirit is among us! 

We work remotely and support not only the human aspect of the explorations but the technological one as well (with focus on innovation more than technology), forseeing where the needs will be, potential problems, possible solutions, and so on. MSEI is about the new Era of Space (a whole new different kind of creature you might say), amazing advanced technologies created with the collaboration of key players that have been working with innovative projects and all kinds of challenges for years. We offer services and solutions. There are already a lot of companies offering technologies.