Our clients are mostly FOUNDERS, BUSINESS OWNERS, ENTREPRENEURS, and STARTUPS IN THE SPACE INDUSTRY (from less than 1 year up to 5 years in their position). Within these groups we have: INVENTORS (also working with research), INNOVATORS, EXECUTIVES (COO’s for example) working with VERY BIG VISIONARY INNOVATIONS/TECHNOLOGIES WITH GREAT GLOBAL IMPACT. 


These are startups that have challenging projects that have puzzles that need to be solved and need innovation strategic advice. In short, these are the people at the beginning of the innovation cycle together with us; the pioneers, visionaries, and innovators (entrepreneurs and visionary leaders included). 

Startups in the Space industry with a very big visionary innovation/technology that has a huge impact on the world and that they need to bring to market. How can we help? We provide our extraordinary vision, guidance, strategic advice, innovative ideas, and powerful connections shortening their journey and helping them succeed. Thanks to our exponential speed and mindset we are able to accelerate the process which results in a huge impact on the world at the same time. We are talking about saving a huge amount of time, headaches (the puzzles), and billions of dollars! This is where the pain is! The faster the pieces of the puzzle are together, the better it will be! (top priority).

5-star and 6-star clients that are looking for 1-on-1 coaching. How can we help them? We are multimillionaire trainers and high-end coaches/mentors helping people to succeed. Please contact us so we can book a zoom call to discuss what are your specific pain points.

Entrepreneurs and Space Executives looking for training. How can we help them? We are world-class trainers, entrepreneurs, and innovators that create training programs for the New Space Industry.

Companies looking for world-class speakers and visionary thought leaders. How can we help them? By providing our top keynote speeches online to Spacers, the private sector, and others. In short, people interested in Space Travel, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Exponential Technologies, and more.

Customers (companies, etc) interested in our expertise in fighting COVID-19. There are 2 ramifications here: 1) Our innovation work with this global challenge aimed towards paying customers. 2) Our work with COVIDWISE (huge impact). 

Customers (companies) that are interested in learning about Space Robotics. How can we help them? We will offer online training courses and we will be using Little Sophie Robot. For this, we need to get revenue in fast to order the robot. TOP PRIORITY!

Companies / Space Scientists / Physicists / CTOs working with Space-Earth Energy Eco-Systems, Space Exploration, and more. How can we help? We are creating Civilization Type One which is all about energy and this means that we have the same purpose. These innovations/technologies have a tremendous global impact and help us become a higher civilization (top priority). 

Space companies, Space agencies, and Space centers entering the New Space industry and working with Space projects and Innovation projects (also research). How can we help them? As innovators, visionaries, and researchers we are all about creating, innovating, doing research, and putting the dots together. They will face many challenges and that is exactly our greatest area of expertise!

Spacers (Space Colonization Advocates) who love Space and are ready to live on the Moon and Mars. How can we help? We can help them in many ways: education, coaching, advice, connecting them, creating new careers, offering keynote speeches, and fascinating them with our Starship culture. In short, getting them ready and being there for them even afterward, when they are already living on other planets and moons. 

Notice that we are now prioritizing revenue and happiness in our lives (free of stress). We also want a stable ground to stand on and it is of great importance that we have it due to all the important work that we are doing that is helping Humanity move forward at an accelerated pace. Our time is very valuable and we have a mission.


They are Gen Y and Gen Z (as a starting point and we are open for projects for other target groups)

1) Space Startups, Space Entrepreneurs, Exponential Entrepreneurs, Space Execs., Solopreneurs, and Space Explorers in the New Space, Space Travel, and Health industries (Doctors that are at the same time Inventors).

Strategic innovation advice, top training, and expertise. 

Pioneering & Research New Space Projects in collaboration with other Space companies

2) Youngsters (Gen Y and Gen Z).

Innovation, training, and mentoring online customized programs targeting Covid-19 – transitioning from the epidemic to the post-epidemic period 

3) Parents and schools: 

Live and interactive online Robotics courses (hands-on) for youngsters (age groups: 7-10 and 11-15).




Here we get to work with our genius (our uniqueness).


Pioneering Space Exploration, Space Entrepreneurship, and more.

Bringing breakthrough innovations & technologies to the market! Accelerate growth also in the Robotics, Immersive Tech., and New Space fields. Empower people so as to help them enter the job market: remote workers, professional women, innovators, visionaries, and more. In short, those that are stuck in the automated systems that do not work. There is untapped talent!

Subject Matter Expert on Exponential Technologies, Leadership, the Future of Humanity, Entrepreneurship, Space travel, Success, New Space, and more

Strategic Innovation Advice to ExOs and New Space Startups.

Design 5-Day challenges online

Remote Collaborative Space projects (LEO, MEO, and more), innovation projects, research projects, and design projects. Seeking projects that are already funded. For example, projects with Astronauts or other Space professionals: Space-based Innovations: Satellite Communication (SatCom), Satellite Navigation (SatNav), and Satellite Earth Observation (SatEO).


The New Era of HRI and Human-Robot Space Exploration, Starship culture, and Civilization Type 1 (energy is super important).

Lead Humanity out of stagnation towards exponential growth and a Multiplanetary future.

Social and Technological Multiplanetary Impact.

Our #COVIDWISE innovation idea (project) and present it at the innovation awards in May 2021 (We got an honorable mention). Solve the devastating effects of COVID-19 (launching our innovation program soon)

For COVIDWISE + Social Impact Innovator/Entrepreneur. Also Mentor for the New Space Industry.

Multiplanetary social and technological impact challenges, and Space challenges.