Today we finalize our assignments for our innovation project “Pioneering Innovation, Training, and Mentoring Online Program” to fight Covid-19, and then we launch our campaigns. There will be a lot of movement with immediate effect and we want measurable and positive results! Target audience: young adults from 19-29 years of age (globally).

We are also launching our Pioneering Space Entrepreneurship and Innovation Online Training Program. The preview and Q&A will be announced this week and will take place asap. The launch of the program is right afterward. The target is high-end clients (Founders, Owners, and Entrepreneurs that have less than 1 year to 5 years in business).

We announced some days before that we are stepping up procedures and that is exactly what we are doing.

We have a business proposal and 2 educational professional programs for us which will take us to the next level (this is vital). But first, we must pass this stage and there are absolutely no excuses at this moment! Success is the only option!

With this said, we move exponentially towards the goals!

Have a super fantastic day!

3.47 pm: Well, we must say that we were very focused on Space but God had other plans for us. It is our work with Covid that is moving exponentially! And it is coming from several angles. Now we know!