We are successfully helping Space Unicorns bring their inventions to the global market:

We help inventors bring their inventions and breakthrough innovations to the global market.

The newly formed Space Travel & Transportation startup Space Railway Corporation in the United States (Texas) who we advised where and whom to pitch. We also put them in contact with key people and potential investors and even gave advice on future team building. Thanks to us, their pitching was successful and they have 2 Investors interested in investing in their invention. With this, we have already disrupted the Space Travel industry forever in record time (and without money)! And furthermore, we have delivered what our MTP promises: to lead Humanity towards a multi-planetary future. Space Railway Corporation is developing a system of magnetic levitation vehicles that will smoothly and safely enter and return from Earth’s orbit gliding effortlessly along rail lines composed of ultra-light, super-strong graphene fibers. The maglev space train runs on ferromagnetic CNT; with a planned premiere in 2025.See their Pitch Deck.  In short, we play a huge role as Visionaries in the New Space Industry. We are helping them on an ongoing basis.

– We provide strategic ExO (ExO stands for Exponential Organizations. Examples of ExOs are: Google, AirBnB, etc) advice calls to ExO startups.

We provided a 1-hour ExO strategic advice call with a keynote presentation on the future of immersive technologies and a 50-page research report to ImmerseFX, a company in Bulgaria working with VFX (visual effects). Today it is a newly founded visual effects facility in Sofia (Bulgaria) providing high-end VFX and Extended Reality services for the demanding Hollywood motion-picture industry. Vencislav Lukanov won 2 prizes recently and you can read more about it in his post.

We participate in projects with Exponential Organizations to promote Entrepreneurship:

We participated in an interview on our entrepreneurial journey. The interview was carried out by Chris Parker from the company Ebullient, a Digital Accelerator from The Netherlands. Check our Media page to see the links to the video interview and podcast.

We participate in projects to offer knowledge about technologies like IoT and raise awareness.

We helped IoT Worlds (from Italy) by writing articles on IoT for their Blog dedicated to the huge IoT Community. This was a very important strategic collaboration where we helped them and they helped us. We both got a lot of value.

We participate in Space projects that are linked to our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose mentioned in the heading of our website) and have a great impact on Humanity. 

We helped the Moon Society with the editing of the book “A Pioneer’s Guide to Living on Mars” written by Peter Kokh, recipient of the NSS Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Award for Space Settlement Advocacy and President Emeritus of the Moon Society. We were one of the editors. Besides this, we also edited transcripts from video recordings regarding an important conference. We also helped with Marketing via LinkedIn to promote the book, The Moon Society, and more. Moreover, we (me and Ben Smith from The Moon Society) were also interviewed by Krista Freibaum from Serious Business PR (on behalf of A24 films)  and Jonathan Krisel for an article that has now come out in the ezine, issue nr. 13, titled We Come In Peace. It was an interesting editorial project with the cast of the upcoming show, Moonbase 8 (starring John C. Reilly, Fred Armisen, and Tim Heidecker). Jonathan “is an American directorproducerwritereditor, and occasional actor.[1] He is best known for his work with the comedy duo Tim & Eric, having directed episodes of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. Krisel has also directed and co-written the majority of episodes of Portlandia, as well as several SNL Digital Shorts and the 2016 FX series Baskets.” (source: Wikipedia).

Defence (in the USA and globally). This was no official project. We simply offered advice on an important matter with a huge global impact that was on the way (4 years ago). and turned out exactly as we have foreseen (100% accuracy). This was our first great accomplishment as Strategic Advisors and Professional Futurists. It is confidential. Space is related to Defence and we understand that we play an important role in this area in the present and in the future.

Space Projects  (the Mars Society). Mars is also included in our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose). Our first experience working with Space projects was several years ago when we were volunteering for the Mars Society (in Europe). It was then when we started working with the Space exploration and colonization of Mars. We learned a lot from that experience and it was much earlier than all the certification courses that we have done. So the experience came before the knowledge was there. Today we are able to prove what was behind our passion! It was our first encounter with the world of Aerospace Engineers and Scientists, a very technical world. It was very exciting! It was also when we experienced flow! They were the right projects and the right mission, except that it all came very early in our lives. Now we take all that experience with us as well.

We have been a Guest Speaker at Purdue University (often called the Cradle of Astronauts) on several occasions, delivering powerful presentations to MBA students and Entrepreneurs (thanks to Prof. Arnold Webster). We covered Exponential Technologies, Emerging Technologies, the challenges we went through when creating our company, our startup MSEI (Multiplanetary Space Exploration & Innovation), our innovative ideas in practice to solve the gender gap, the knowledge gap, and also our vision about the future. The students loved the presentations and we were called back to deliver more in less than a week. Today some graduate students from Purdue University are training for Mars and the Moon. Read more here. Emerging Technologies Sweden (MultiplanetaryX) is the cradle of MSEI. Two cradles, one mission! =)

– We have our own innovation projects and are super passionate about Space and accelerating cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to impact globally in a positive way. 

Our training program to fight the devastating impact of Covid-19 and more