– Disrupting the “Old Space” business model and mindset.

– Disrupting the ExO business model.

– Using new Space technologies and innovative methodologies.

– Revolutionizing the Space industry with immediate effect.

– Building global strategic collaborations.

– Quality education and outreach.

– Outer Space research, pioneering innovation, and more.

– LEO (Low Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit), Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO), and Interplanetary Exploration and Exploitation.

Emerging Technologies Sweden focuses on the sustainable development goals for Earth and Space. Sustainability is vital in the world that we live in today. It is important to clarify that although we focus on the SDGs, we do not agree with the latest mindset which is based on scarcity and other anti-humanitarian measures. This means that we have everything we need in order to survive. For more information, please check the documentary “The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It” by Dr. Steven Greer. We strongly believe that these alien technologies should be offered to the world especially in 2024 when we are facing all types of global challenges. It is the greed for power and selfishness that is not helping Humanity. This needs to be tackled immediately!

In short, we do not support any globalist agenda that is based on greed for power and selfishness. Nor do we support massive surveillance and similar measures that take away the freedom of the people. We are 100% against this.