Our training programs are more than programs. They are solutions to global grand challenges with a very sharp and extraordinary visionary approach! They come with a very special seal, the seal of a Visionary Leader (the likes of which you have never seen before). With our solutions we bring the missing balance to the world, a world that is full of gaps. The same people that created the gaps that we have today are the ones trying to solve them and that is the main problem. 

We work with cutting-edge technologies, risk-taking, and a lot of action-taking (something that is missing nowadays). People are too afraid to take action so they deny or engage in very long discussions while there are emergency situations at hand that need to be solved and many lives on the hook). We cross boundaries, those that people are too afraid to cross. And we mean challenges that would send anybody running to the hills wildly. Welcome to the dark side full of unknown and creepy things of yet undiscovered planets =) Our next destination

Everything we promised from day 1, we accomplished

For us, it is about augmenting our capabilities and working side-by-side with advanced technologies. It’s not about taking people’s jobs nor innovating in a negative and harmful way. Today we have companies coming out into the global market with disruptive technologies without really understanding the outcomes of their actions

Thanks to the training we had from Harv Eker Academy (Harv Eker is a multimillionaire Trainer that wrote “The Multimillionaire Mindand holds training seminars for more than 5 million people worldwide and it is still growing), IIEC Business School (Certified Train the Trainer and cutting-edge tech. executive certification programs), and the very long training we got from Jack Canfield. We also have years of experience as Educators, Course Instructors, Course Designers, and Researchers. We bring a very high quality also as Visionary Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts. This means that besides being Speakers, we are Thinkers. Thinkers are in very high demand, especially nowadays! 

Our courses are created with passion and are for passionate people. They are made for both women and men and create a great impact. We are experts in social and technological global impact! We have seen through the years how women are not entering the global market especially in the Gaming industry and that the majority of the key decision-makers are men (specifically in Sweden and that think they know what’s best). They are stuck with their fixed mindset in a highly technological world that moves exponentially fast and they should be more inclusive. Age discrimination is a fact (do the research) and the automation tools are keeping out a lot of people (that is why the world is where it is today). Because of this, recruiting based on experience is also wrong since especially women have not been given the opportunity to enter the job market and therefore lack working experience from previous companies (they never did get a foot in to start with so this is ridiculous) and this is also reflected on their portfolio. We are taking away the power (called unfair advantage) and we are also disrupting the gaming and 3d art industry including VR, AR, MR, and XR (on a massive scale)!. Count on it! Women don’t even get a chance for an interview and this will change very soon!. Job opportunities should be given to everybody regardless of race, gender, and age. Conclusion: We are disrupting this fixed mindset that is saying to the people that they can’t do the job (that is the reason why Humanity has stagnated). We will change the “we can’t” mindset to: YES, WE CAN! The companies that do not have a growth mindset will not survive. Our programs tackle this problem directly and we have years of experience in working with innovation and research. Today, we have set the bar high and ONLY work with companies that are inclusive and have a growth mindset. Now we are the ones that are very selective and say NO! We are determined to create a healthy environment of exponential growth and freedom.


For the present and the future. And here we bring our expertise as Professional Futurists as well

It’s not about building a world with developers for developers. It’s about building a world where everybody can thrive. It’s about exponential growth, not stagnation. It’s about exponential thinking, not linear thinking. Where are the 3D Artists? Why are companies only recruiting Game Developers and Programmers? Code does not solve all the problems, otherwise we would already have solved them. This is just an example but there are more.

We are bringing Harv Eker’s methodology and adding ideas of our own

We are all the center of attraction (us and our students). We bring our sense of humor, a part of us you do not know about yet. =) At times, we are even hilarious.

In our courses customers have the opportunity to discuss topics, ask questions, get accountability, and 1-on-1 weekly meetings. In short, no automated recordings.

Having the right mindset makes a whole lot of difference. We have been part of Jack Canfield’s Bootcamp for years (this group is closed now because the bootcamp is finished but we are active members of his other groups). We are also working with the mindset on a daily basis and learning from Entrepreneurs that are very successful and famous. Besides this, we are members of key communities like the Exo Communities (OpenExo and more) and huge networks: Harv Eker Network, Jesse Eker N., and more that will be revealed eventually!

You can study from the comfort of your home. Remote work is here to stay and it will only grow exponentially and WE WILL MAKE SURE IT DOES!

Created by a passionate entrepreneur for passionate professionals that love Space.

Designed by us and highly disruptive but for a good cause, with the latest trends, resources, and topics that are in need today. Our courses are very different since they are created by a Visionary, Innovator, Trainer, and Researcher. For many years, most of the courses in the global market on Space have been created by Aerospace Engineers and/or organizations like NASA. Unfortunately, they are not very inclusive (although we have seen improvements lately with the number of female Astronauts getting ready to go to the Moon. Thank God!) nor adapted for the times that we live in today (the Aerospace Engineers do not have and will not have all the answers to the challenges on Earth and beyond) nor tackle the increasing challenges we have ahead of us (the speed is not sufficiently fast and there is an urgent need for a different approach and mindset). We need to move faster and with a more open mind. Governments could have done a better job in addressing the Covid-19 global pandemic. We have seen how financial, social, and medical help has arrived much too late to the people and the people that were supposed to receive help had already died by then. We’ve been doing research (and still are doing it) on Covid-19 for our innovation project as you already know. We have also seen clearer than ever, that Entrepreneurs play a major role in the present and the future due to the many reasons why Governments are not prepared nowadays. Governments must step it up!

We are taking strategy to a higher level. Here at Emerging Technologies Sweden it is about Strategic Foresight together with an extraordinary vision

We are leaving the status quo and bringing new ideas needed to  THRIVE (not only survive) in the ever changing world that we live in today!. Companies and organizations do not understand that Humanity needs to thrive, not only survive. The technologies that we have today are very powerful and should be used in a smarter way to improve the conditions that we have globally. People should be priority number one. Furthermore, disruptive technologies (reengineered) have to be presented to the world and not kept secret any longer (especially what has to do with energy). We need a change of mindset even in this respect. Disclosure regarding UFOs should be made soonest possible since we will be colonizing and exploring Mars, etc. The world has the right to know. We await President Biden’s disclosure which was promised before his election and according to the news should take place in June or July 2021

Check the list of our signature programs on the Programs page. We have programs for adults and youngsters.

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Problem: The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 states that 26% of AI and Data professionals and 18% of Robotics Engineers globally are women. Will you be one of them?

See the report (Sweden is on page 324):

World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020

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We offer virtual interactive training on Unity 3D, Blender 3D, and more. From the end of June 2021, we will offer the Unity Professional 3D Artist Certification Training. Our everyday tools are Unity 2020 and Blender 3D.



We are STEAM Experts and part of a global network of amazing educators and visionaries teaching the new generation of Roboticists, Inventors, and InnovatorsInvent Future Global, Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT), and more.

Thank you, Jake and Melissa! The kids are amazing! Just imagine when they get to the Moon and Mars! Wow!